Casting with Both Hands: Is it Okay to Do More than One Spell at a Time?

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I think we've all heard the answer to this question--a resounding "no!"  There's actually much more to it than that; it's more like "No, if..." and "Yes, but..."

I guess the issue really stems from what we mean by "at the same time."  Naturally, no one is out there dressing a money candle then sliding across the room on an office chair to put in a few stitches on a love poppet.  Instead, it's more like planning and researching both love and money spells and casting them on the same night.  Or is it the same issue if its just the same moon phase?   Some would even consider "concurrent magic" to be any time you start a new piece of work before results for the last one have manifested.  This may be more complicated than it seemed at first blush.

For ease of reading, I'll treat all these possibilities as the same thing.  With the different angles from which we can look at this issue, we'll talk about them separately and really dig our hands in.

Why You Shouldn't Cast Concurrent Spells

Boy, do I hate to say no.  When it comes to magic, I don't say it if I can help it.  I like to think that there is so much freedom in the occult for a reason.  If we put into place a bunch of "thou shall not's" it's because we've gone out of our way to do so.  So you know that if I'm even entertaining the idea that a caster shouldn't be doing something, it's for good reason.

So my "No, if..." arguments here are:

  • ...The work is out of order for your purpose.  If you need to work on an uncrossing and a blessing for the same person (or yourself), you will want to do them in that order.  Always take away before putting in something new.  It's not only more efficient, it can prevent messy and confused outcomes as your energy tries to follow your backward logic.
  • ...You have a hard time switching gears.  Some folks don't handle this part of a busy casting roster very well.  If you can't stop thinking about another spell--or the issue it was solving--you should just focus all your efforts on that and forgo any other magic until you've seen progress in the big matter.

Why You Should Cast Concurrent Spells

And here's me.  I'm usually found plotting several pieces of magic and filling in several almanac dates at a time.  When working for Quill's Occult Supply, I might be making formulas and candles for several purposes in one day.  It's a similar situation when I do custom work or cast for local clients.  When the need is there, it's important to be able to step up to the job.

Being able to work concurrently means that more spellwork gets done in a shorter amount of time and with more efficiency.  It's also a good way to stay connected to your magical self and keep your energy high.  If you can handle this kind of practice, I highly recommend it.

But--and you knew this was coming--it's not the best option for everyone.  So here's a few things to consider that start with "Yes, but..." 

  • ...You must be able to reset your mind to the new task before switching over.  Think of it as washing your hands between cooking different kinds of food.  You don't want anything carrying over, even if both are beneficial spells, because it breeds unpredictability.  
  • ...It's best to reserve this doubling up for important work that can't be rescheduled or if you're a professional.  Your everyday schedule should be more relaxed than this, if only for a sense of calm.
  •'s not a very good idea when it comes to curses.  I prefer to work on those alone, just to be safe.  I'm certainly no coward when it comes to nailing an enemy to the wall but I show extreme reserve with cursing formulas and objects.  If mishandled, there's  potential to hex up your own life.  If you still have spell items lying around from positive work just completed, you risk hexing that, too.

If you're thinking of adding to your dance card, I recommend a test period of timing and recording everything with care.  That's the only way to know if it will work for you.  If you find that you can't handle it, simply set aside a little more time in your week and month for your spellcasting.  Spread out your work, use the second best timing for a spell--set your priorities and stick to them.

Even professionals can manage to do this if they choose.  Clients will understand if they have to wait a little.  After all, this is how your talents manifest.  It is no selfish whim to do as your power dictates.  Managing your schedule in the way that benefits the work is just one more step up towards knowing yourself, casting with ultimate confidence, and rising up the levels towards adepthood.


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