Witch Tips--Charm: Ancient Charm Against Headache

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I recently ran across this and was absolutely fascinated!  I hope you are, too.

This charm comes from the impressive "Greek Magic: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern" by John Petropoulos.  While discussing the blending of Grecian, Roman, and Egyptian influences in the antiquity, this spoken piece of magic is shared:

Charm Against a Headache

Osiris' head will ache,
Ammon's temples will ache
Esenephthys' migraine will drive her mad,
Unless my headache stops!

It is a sure sign of the age of this charm to be so bold with the Gods.  Some in modern times would call this disrespectful, but it is reflective of the way in which people of the time interacted with their deities.  No matter which side you take, feel free to think, discuss, and banish your headaches as you will.


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