Witch Tips--Useful Herb: Pine Needles

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If you're like me, you still have a tree standing in your house in January.  If you're like a lot of folks I know, all the rest of your tree's fellow decorations are hanging around as well.  Now would be a great time to clear everything out, get yourself prepared for a brand new year, and make use of some of those pine needles that are inevitably everywhere.

Here in Pennsylvania, pine grows plentifully.  So much so that one of my neighbors remarked that he would eagerly cut them down anytime someone asked, just to be rid of them.  I was astonished to hear that!  Is it too much familiarity with this common tree?  Or is it that there's too many possible parasites that afflict them (which means he should really hate the parasite, not the tree)?  We may never know, but as a magical practitioner and a major wildlife advocate, I say love your pine!

To keep things brief, I'll touch on pine's two most important abilities (especially because they are perfect for this time of the year!)--purification and money drawing.

Burning an incense of pine needles in your home will drive out wayward spirits and remove any crossed conditions present.  I recently learned from the wonderful Lucky Mojo Curio Company that a quick and cheap option for uncrossing a house is to add pine needles and Van Van oil to a bottle of regular Pine-Sol and use it to scrub the house.  I think that's brilliant!

Pine needle infusion in your bath brings you back to clarity and positive thoughts.  Pine boughs hung over your door ensure happiness within.

When using pine needles for money spells, you can burn them as incense alone or add to a formula to boost its strength.  Add some to a mojo bag with or without other herbs and curios.  Pine alone can do the trick!  The great thing about pine in this case is its stable nature.  When you call on pine for help with prosperity, you can bet that any money gained will be through regulated and safe means, not snap decisions and high-risk ventures.    

Quick Link: Using the Occult in Fashion

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Occult Fashion Trend: Religious and Spiritual Iconography

I'm sharing this not because of the excellent information it contains (some of the author's thoughts are delightfully clueless), but because it is perfect food for thought.

So we're talking about magical symbols and images being used for clothing and jewelry.  How does this idea sit with you?  Are you thrilled to see a more casual use of pentagrams in everyday places or does it make you cringe at its crassness?  Are you happy to spread the witchy vibe around or would you prefer only those of us in the know use these images?  Are things like magical seals too precious (or powerful) to be silk screened on a tee-shirt, or is this just another way to bring magic into the public consciousness?  As a practitioner, would you enchant one or more items of such mundane clothing for magical purposes or do you feel that items consecrated at their creation would work much better?

Talk this over with your magical friends.  Hell, talk it over with your mundane friends.  What are their thoughts on sourcing the occult for fashion?  How do they meet with your own.

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