Witch Tip--Easy Herb: Juniper

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This is one herb that I feel absolutely must be in my cupboard.  I know for sure now, because I've been without for some time and it's driving me mad!  My local herb shop closed so all my purchases have to be through the mail, which I am slow to adopt.  So here I am, juniper-less and imploring you not to follow my example.

So why is this one plant so essential?

First, for my fellow incense and powder makers, it doesn't seem to matter much if you use the berries or greens, as both are highly scented and carry magical associations. 

And its magical associations are so useful that you'll be calling on this herb time and time again: protection from all manner of harm--including evil emanations, ghosts, accidents, illness, and thieves--plus blessing, inspiring and holding love, improving sexual relations, heightening the psychic senses, and breaking curses.

Now, you and I had both better head out to fill our supplies!

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Quick Link--Be Your Best Witchy Self Today!

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13 Tips for Being the Best Witch You Can Be

I found this list some time ago and absolutely fell in love!  Take some quiet time with it and see how it relates to you and your current practice.  Write a short version on a post-it note for your car dashboard, your bathroom mirror, your office desk.  Write about it in your BoS.  Talk with other practitioners about it.  Journal and expound on your thoughts of each of the thirteen points made.  How can you make this advice work into your life? What can you add to it?

No matter what you decide to do with what you see here--keep it, toss it, ruminate or rage about it--let it get you thinking.  That is, after all, the highest activity of seeking betterment of any kind.

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