10 Edible Spells

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So you already know that spells are not only the ritualized, prescribed actions taken at midnight with candles and crystals that the books talk about.  Spells are any time and any action in which energy and focus are directed to a specific end.  This opens up a wide vista for the caster to explore and still be working real, potent magic.

What better way, then, to bring this to your daily life than through comestibles?  In general, every one of us eats 3 times a day so this is something we can work with simply and immediately.  To that end, I would like to present to you 10 traditional spells using nothing but the food on your plate.  Bon apitite!

Long Life

An old English saying goes "Who eats sage in May, shall live for aye," that is to say, forever.  While I may not be able to promise you eternal life, I can offer extension of life into extreme old age.

Seek out the new growth of sage plants and make a place for them in your meal to receive longevity.  The vitality present in the magical month of May as well as everything which is fresh and fecund can help you come alive after a long, weary winter.

Not One Bite

Place a sprig of basil under the plate of a woman (and, presumably, a man) who you wish to prevent from eating.  This is a weird little nugget from a distant past where this must have served an important purpose.  Do you want her to be unable to enjoy your cooking?  Is she on a diet?  Or maybe you've seen her messy eating habits in the past and decide that it's not gonna happen at your brother's wedding.  Whatever your situation, this is definitely a power play.  Play it as you will.

The Enchanted Apple

How can we not think of the chipper little apple when we're talking about magic food?  In art and fairy tales it has the twin associations of innocence and temptation.  How could Snow White have foreseen the wickedness in the apple the old woman gave her?  Here, however, author Valerie Worth (in her gorgeous "Crone's Book of Magical Words") bewitches the apple for love, not hate.  Whether you think it is wicked to cause a person to fall in love with you is up to you.

Pick your apple
When the moon
Has waned three days;
Breathe upon
It's green cheek,
Rub it with
A scarlet cloth,
Fire sweet
And fire red,
Warm the heart
And turn the head.
Put it later
In another's hand--
Who holds it shall weaken,
Who eats it
Shall be yours.

Spice of Desire

Following the last spell comes this European bit of magic to cause a person to steal a kiss.  Before you approach the person you desire, slip a whole clove under your tongue.  As you talk, your words and breath will entice him/her to the boiling point and they will be compelled to kiss you.

Protect Me and Quick!

Eat a handful of blueberries to instantly guard yourself against the hostility of your enemies.  This makes sense when you consider that blueberry leaves are good for cursing those same troublemakers.

Power Up Your Potions

Add a dash of ginger to any drinkable potion to make it work extra fast.  The spice turns up the heat on anything you're working on, so feel free to sprinkle it over anything for which you want to see speedy results.

Pot of Luck

Eat beans when you need a dose of good fortune and prosperity.  Any variety of bean works for this, as well as for wish-making, so you can name specific requirements for your luck while enjoying only the kinds you like best.  This is a great food to serve at family or coven gatherings.

Warrior's Might

Before going into a fight, whether literal or figurative, or any kind of confrontation, do as the ancient Romans did and eat whole onions to give you physical strength.  If you're not quite that tough of a warrior to eat them raw, you can certainly cook them first.

Daily Drink for the Day You Want 

Many of us start our days with tea or coffee, but it's important to note that magically speaking they have opposing effects.  Coffee ramps up energy and creates mental focus, while tea regulates the thought process and calms anxiety.  What kind of day do you want?

Cunningham's Witches' Love Honey

This is one of my favorites of Scott Cunningham's formulas (from his great reference "The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews") because it's potent both when consumed and when kept--unused--in plain sight.   Add a spoonful to drinks, breads, cakes, or any recipe containing honey, and keep the jar on a shelf in the main hub of the home.  Whoever comes into contact with this formula will be instilled with feelings of love and compassion. (Note: a vegan option is to make this formula with agave nectar, as it corresponds with abundance)

To 1 Cup of honey in a decorative glass jar, add the following and stir well to combine:

2 broken Cinnamon sticks
1 tsp. whole Cloves
1 dime-sized piece of candied Ginger
1 inch-long piece Vanilla bean
1 pinch ground Cardamom

For myself, I make this with larger amounts of the last three, but that's just because I like it strong.  If you're going to be adding this to tea, toast, and treats of your house guests (as you should!), you might like to keep it a bit more mild.

There are, of course, many more examples of food and magic overlapping, combining, and using one another as a vehicle for their own purposes, but this brief list should be enough to get you started.  If you have been looking for a simple way to bring your witchcraft into closer communion with your daily life, edible magic is it!

Check my photo sources for more information on this topic!

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Also see Lucky Mojo for more instant food magic! 

NEW FEATURE! Witch Tips Wednesday (plus an Easy Herb!)

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You have spoken and I'm listening: you want more magic every week!  So now, between Quick Link Monday and Full Feature Friday, you'll get a third dose of occult lore and opinion--Witch Tips Wednesday!

Here is where we'll be discussing those easy pieces of magic that do a lot with very little, formulas you can make today, easy-to-find herbs, spell shortcuts, and important thoughts to keep in mind as you progress as a caster.  Prepare to look forward to Wednesdays as the best day of the week!

St. John's Wort Oil

Now that we have entered the height of summer, we're in the prime time to talk about St. John's Wort.  This lovely little plant is a mainstay of the roadside, eye-catching with crowns of bright golden yellow flower clusters.  Watch the untended fields and underbrush for these tall, bushy plants.  

Amazingly, St. John's Wort has a huge distribution, found growing wild in forty-eight of the fifty states, including Alaska and Hawaii.  To some, it's a harmful invasive species so don't feel too bad about taking your share.*

You can tuck the fresh stalks under your pillow to dream of the one you will marry or hang them over your door to keep out fairies and other mischievous spirits.  But perhaps most useful of all is its work as an infused oil.  It protects from all manners of evil from general negativity to the jealous Evil Eye to the work of other spellcasters or demonic spirits.  Even just keeping the bottle in your home has a protective effect against misfortune and destruction.

To make your own infused oil, stuff a jar with the fresh leaves, flowers, and stems and cover with oil.   Sit this in a sunny window and watch the oil turn a stunning blood red, ready for dressing candles, anointing talismans, and adding to washwater or bathwater, among many other uses.    

So while the sun shines and summer reigns supreme, go out and seek the magical St. John's Wort!  It will guard you and yours even in the dark and ice of winter. 

*And remember, your share is 1/4 of the total.  f you take flowers, take only one-quarter of the flowers on that plant.  If you take a whole plant, take no more than one-quarter of all the plants growing in that area.


Quick Link--My Shop is Back Online at Last!

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Quill's Occult Supply

*Whew!*  I can't tell you what a relief it is to have the shop and blog back online!  The past 6 weeks have been very busy and eventful for me and for my many creative projects.  I can talk at length about them if anyone is interested, but for now, I'd like to just drop off the link to the shop for you to take a look right away.  I've got more items to list, so I suggest bookmarking so you can return and window-shop at leisure!

I'd like to take a moment to talk about something that came up quite suddenly while I wasn't around: the revision of Etsy policies about magical items.  While my shop is one that will be affected by the new plans to remove the openly optimistic promises of physical and literal change through magical means by shop owners, I do understand the mindset behind it.

No one wants to be cheated and, in this case, cheating can come from all sides.  I would never want a customer to feel like they didn't get their money's worth in magic when they buy from me, but neither do I want to a customer who is allowed to cry foul unless my goods can fix all their problems instantly and go on forever and ever (lest they call me a phony).

The answer is that we must be faithful in our own positions.  I am faithful as a seller by giving you everything I have to offer in the items I sell and trust that you can recognize their effects and will use it to make things better in your life.  You're faithful as a customer by choosing my shop based on real thought, then believing in the magic and allowing it to go to work in your life.  I think that's an exchange I'd like to protect.  If in order to do this I must say things like "For entertainment purposes only," then I suppose I will.  Remember, however, that no matter what the law says I must excuse, I truly believe (as do my many happy and returning customers) that the magic contained in each item is sure and strong.

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