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*Whew!*  I can't tell you what a relief it is to have the shop and blog back online!  The past 6 weeks have been very busy and eventful for me and for my many creative projects.  I can talk at length about them if anyone is interested, but for now, I'd like to just drop off the link to the shop for you to take a look right away.  I've got more items to list, so I suggest bookmarking so you can return and window-shop at leisure!

I'd like to take a moment to talk about something that came up quite suddenly while I wasn't around: the revision of Etsy policies about magical items.  While my shop is one that will be affected by the new plans to remove the openly optimistic promises of physical and literal change through magical means by shop owners, I do understand the mindset behind it.

No one wants to be cheated and, in this case, cheating can come from all sides.  I would never want a customer to feel like they didn't get their money's worth in magic when they buy from me, but neither do I want to a customer who is allowed to cry foul unless my goods can fix all their problems instantly and go on forever and ever (lest they call me a phony).

The answer is that we must be faithful in our own positions.  I am faithful as a seller by giving you everything I have to offer in the items I sell and trust that you can recognize their effects and will use it to make things better in your life.  You're faithful as a customer by choosing my shop based on real thought, then believing in the magic and allowing it to go to work in your life.  I think that's an exchange I'd like to protect.  If in order to do this I must say things like "For entertainment purposes only," then I suppose I will.  Remember, however, that no matter what the law says I must excuse, I truly believe (as do my many happy and returning customers) that the magic contained in each item is sure and strong.


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My name is Quill and I've been practicing witchcraft for the past 17 years. 10 of those years I've been reading tarot and teaching.  I own a shop on Etsy called Quill's Occult Supply (check it out at QuillsOccultSupply.Etsy.com) full of handmade ritual and decorative items, spell components, and wild picked herbs.

I love to work with my hands.  Magic is a tool to shape our lives, and I'm using magic to shape tools to shape magic.  Cosmic! 

I use a lot of my favorite things in my shop: herbs, candles, wood, fabric, paint, clay.  And I get to carve, burn, grind, mold, think, dream ... I'm in the perfect business!

I've written 3 manuscripts for publication (2 non-fiction and 1 fiction) and am an avid NaNo-er!  I and my husband run a local coven called Orbis Prosapia, and our children are growing up surrounded by magic, mythology, fairy tales, Earth worship, art, open discussion, music, and humor. 

In addition to working on Ex Penna about my experiences as a professional witch, I also write for Scenes from the Circle about being a coven leader. 

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