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For some odd reason, this topic has become almost passe with magical practitioners today.  I personally have been on the receiving end of many snarky comments or disapproving sniffs because I entertain the notion that one's bad luck might be more than just chance.  The way these conversations run, it's as though magic is an obvious reality but black magic?  Now you're just being silly!

But black magic can happen, has happened, and will happen again with increasing ease unless the people who can prevent it actually recognize that it's going on.  Witches are poised to protect all in their care from physical and spiritual dangers.  Why would we be so lax against magical ones?

Simple reasons, really.  I don't know just how it began, but I've noticed the trend of blaming the victim with statements like, "You could only have been cursed if you subconsciously wanted to be.  You invited it!"  and "No one can curse you without your permission."  So now the problem isn't that someone is attacking you and should be made to stop, but that you're a loser who wants to suffer.  Nice.  Or, there's the tack that magic only works in very specific ways:  "Magic only works if you believe in it" and "Curses don't work unless they know about it."  Sorry, but that's way off.  These sound like the words of someone who is hoping that that's the way it works, not someone who knows it.

Magic can be put on anyone, for any reason.  It can be done when they know about it or when they don't.  It can be someone you've known all your life or someone you've just met and don't even know the name of.  It can be for a real reason or a mistaken one.  It can be done on a person who believes in magic or one who doesn't.  Not to brag, but I've pretty much done all of that in my time and it all works.

It works because the only real rule about what makes a spell hit its mark is desire.  It's not about who's right or wrong--the only deciding factor is who wants it more.  If someone casts a spell on you to get you well when you're sick, it's a simple matter because your desire is to get well too.  There's no conflict.  But if a spell is cast on you to get sick and you are actively trying to stay well, now there's conflict.  The winner will be whomever has more desire for their chosen outcome.

That's the reason why it's so easy for curses to land on people who already have a poor outlook on life--they're working toward that same end already.  So there's another good reason to look on the sunny side.

What should I know about curses?

First, know that there are different levels of curses and they can affect a person in different ways.  I mentioned a few posts ago about teaching my daughter about the Evil Eye.  I'm a firm believer because I've seen it in action.  That's the main reason I don't usually tell people before I go away on a trip--any jealousy that is brought up by my bragging can ruin the whole thing.  The Evil Eye is just as easy as that.  Feelings of envy or anger are said to travel through the caster's eyes and into the other person, sometimes without the caster even realizing that he/she is doing it.  The eyes are able to give and to receive this evil, which is why the ancient Egyptians lined their eyes in kohl (the forerunner of our modern eyeliner) for protection. The Evil Eye presents itself as unexplained illnesses, depression, arguments, missing items, things that were in fine condition suddenly breaking or acting strangely (like your car or computer).  Think a "death by a thousand cuts" type of misfortune.

The more extensive curses are the kind that require items from your person, your photograph or image, or pieces of your clothing.  These spells are usually cast by people who really mean it.  It wasn't just a moment of jealousy that made him/her think about how they deserve your boyfriend more than you, but an overwhelming drive to take him away.  These are the mid-grade curses, and they come on rather obviously: specific areas of your life gone all wrong (usually in money or love) with the rest fairly untouched, losing the most important thing in your life.  When everything starts to go wrong, it's usually because you've been so busy trying to regain what you initially lost that you neglected the rest of your responsibilities.

The really big curses are, in fact, quite rare.  Usually any angry person will stop at the first two.  But this is for those particularly nasty people who have done something that the caster feels is unforgivable.  Here are the death curses, the long-term illness and diseases, loss of family, insanity, a ruined life.  These are the curses that are hard, if not impossible, to bounce back from.  They are very specific and wide-ranging.  Usually these spells require a lot more complex arrangement and ceremony and possibly include evocation of spirits or the use of semi-dangerous substances.  Not many people have the ability to do this, or the intense desire needed to pull it off.  That's good news for us all!

This last category, I would say, is the stuff that people worry about way more than they really need to.  Remember, you only need to defend with as much desire as that which is directed at you.  It's pretty darn unlikely that someone out there wishes this strongly to cause harm, but if they might (meaning: if you know you've done some big bad things and ticked off some big bad people), defend big!  Otherwise, keep it rational and moderate.  Stay aware of the possibility but don't run from every shadow.

How can I tell if I've been cursed?

If you've experienced something like what I've listed here, you can assume that someone has done work on you.  But that's not such a terrible thing.  Anyone who puts themselves out in the public eye--in a large or small way--runs that risk.  If you run a group, own a store, lead workshops, have a prominent job, are important in an organization or at work, or even write a blog or get vocal on Facebook, you can end up the target of someone's aggression.  That's the price of being known outside of your living room.  But, really, wouldn't you rather stand out and be honest with yourself than blend in for the sake of perfect safety?

Of course, you'll want to try the normal stuff first--change up your routine a little if you're feeling down or if things aren't going well.  Take care of your health and your relationships.  Don't let a set-back in one area of life override the positives in other areas.  Aim for balance and clarity.  If it's just a bad patch (or the caster wasn't very good!), things will fix themselves.  If not, then it's on to the next step:

What can I do if I think I've been cursed?

Many methods exist for removing curses and turning back evil, but I'll only give you the really simple ones so you can start right away if you think you might need their help.  A good place to start is with an egg.  Get a whole egg (the freshest you can) and take it someplace private.  Remove your clothes and lay the egg gently against your skin.  Rub it in long strokes over your arms, legs, torso, face, head--everywhere.  Make sure the egg touches every inch so the curse has no place to hide.  The egg will absorb all the harm and draw it from your body.  Once you are done, flush it down the toilet whole. 

To clear your house of a curse, use salt.  Sprinkle salt in the corners of each room or try shaking some salt all over the floors and then sweeping it up and out through each door until you get to the front door.  You can even sweep it out into the street so the curse can't be brought back indoors.  Salt in your bath or salt scrubs (as I talk about here) are another way to get this magical mineral to work for you.

Another handy method is to chop an onion into four quarters.  Keep chopping onions this way until you have one quarter for each room of your house.   Place each one in a bowl and pour some vinegar over them.  Then place these bowls in the rooms of your house.  In the bedrooms, they should go under the bed but in other rooms they can be anywhere on the floor that is unobtrusive.  The combination in them will absorb the curse.  This can also be done with whole garlic cloves and is said to turn the onion or garlic a pink color when they take on the evil.  Either way, dispose of them away from your home afterward.

Burn white candles and invoke the help of your deity/deities, patrons, and especially, beloved dead.  Asking for help works particularly well if the one you're asking cares about you deeply.  You might get a better response from that fiercely loyal grandmother your remember from your childhood than a deity you don't often call upon.

Of course, if you feel like you need more potent work done or would like pre-made and pre-charged items to assure your victory over evil, check out my shop for Black Cloud Hex Breaker candles and powder, plus the traditional cleansing and protection powder Cascarilla.  And if you'd like to go really big (or you've got really big enemies) request a personalized spell kit and we'll take 'em down together!

But however you decide to banish the harm against you, do it now.  There is no honor in ignoring a problem, hoping it will go away.

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