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A reoccurring theme is the newcomer asking how to be a witch without spending money.  Beautiful robes, vials of oil, colorful gems, and shining tools whisper words of power to them and they are sorely tempted to spend money they do not possess.  And, sadly, some of the biggest names in the magical community give a wholly unsatisfying answer:

"You don't need anything to practice magic; all that you need is inside you!"

But I am here to tell you a painful truth--magic is in the things. Herbs, stones, sigils, metals, bones, rocks, feathers...these are components and they are the body of spellwork.  Sure, the spirit that is within you is the fuel that makes magic work--and that is essential--but each physical object added to the spell is another limb to be animated by that spirit. Give it physicality and you give it a body of immense strength to work your will in the world.  You can act on spirit alone but, unless you are at the top of your game, it will be a ghost of its potential.

So my spells generally require "things"--easily-found and inexpensive things--but they are not cheap.  I have an extreme dislike for things like birthday candles and nylon yarn so you won't find any of that stuff here.  Instead, what I'm about to hand you is pure traditional folk magic with a thrifty modern twist.   The goal is not to use less but to use more wisely.   Everything here is original and you may enjoy it at your leisure.  Perhaps even casting it today!

Health and Healing

  • To Protect Against Injury: Wash a locket in hot salt water and dry carefully with a handkerchief.  Cut a tiny piece of paper to fit inside and write upon it the following words: LIGHT, BEFF, CLETEMATI, ADONAI, CLEONA, FLERIT.  Press this paper inside while reciting the words.  Fill the locket with a pinch of yellow mustard seed and snap shut.  Place the locket around your neck (or the neck of another whom you wish to protect) while speaking the words a final time.  Now the talisman will be a safeguard against physical and spiritual harm anytime it is worn.
  • To Protect Against Disease:  At the end of summer, dig up a few dandelion roots from your yard and scrub them clean under running water.  Chop them up and drop a spoonful in with  coffee grounds before brewing.  Add a pinch of cinnamon to purify and vanilla for energy. Brew while chanting: STRENGTH AGAINST, STRENGTH WITHIN. TAKE ME THROUGH TO WINTER'S END.  Drink your coffee this way throughout the cold and flu season to assure that illness passes you by.


  • To Bring Love Home to Your Door:  Chop Ladies Thumb herb fine and gather in a large bowl.  After dark on a full moon, remove your shoes, let down your hair, and take your bowl of Ladies Thumb outside.  Bow to the moon who makes the ties that bind lovers' hearts, walk to the roadside, and turn to face your home.  Begin to strew the herbs in a path that leads from the
    road all the way to your doorstep. Visualize making a path that only perspective lovers can see and by which they are compelled to travel.  Pour out any remaining herbs on the doormat, bow to the moon again, then return inside.  By the time the moon is full again, you will have your choice of love interests.
  • To Cause Loving Feelings Toward You:  Make a batch of sugar cookies using your normal recipe but add a spoonful of lemon juice and zest.  Roll it out, placing a kiss upon the dough with each roll.  Cut the cookies into "gingerbread man" shapes and bake.  Remove the cookies from the oven and dip the tops in vanilla sugar, telling each little man his instructions: MAKE HIM (or say target's name) LOVE ME BY YOUR WILES. I AM SWEET AND I BEGUILE.


  • To Increase Your Business' Prosperity:  Chop or grate Yellow Dock root and add to a bottle of strong spirits.  Shake 7 times while chanting the name of your business and words like "GREAT SUCCESS."  Put the bottle away, only bringing it out to shake again every time you think of it.  If you have a disparaging thought about your work or your customers, pick up the bottle and give it another 7 shakes while chanting.  After closing time that day, pour out a little of the alcohol onto your palm and wash the doorknobs to all entrances of your business while thinking of all the happy customers whose hands will touch it.  Sprinkle a little on the threshold, then replace your bottle to its safe storage.  Keep it nearby for times of slow sales.  This will encourage customers to come to your door, ready to spend.
  • To Draw Money and Good Luck:  Find a Buckeye or Horse Chestnut (I've found no difference between the two for magical purposes) and bring it home.  Mix a few pinches of as many money herbs as you have on hand and pour a little oil over them.  Mix well with your fingers until you have a paste.  Rub this paste all over your Buckeye and wrap in a crisp new dollar bill.  Tie this bundle together with green thread and carry it in your pocket or in a conjure bag of other fortunate items.  Money will come to you and stay.


  • To Guard Yourself While Traveling:  Before embarking on any long trip, especially when going by boat or plane overseas, toss Bladderwrack on the wind to appease the spirits and bless your journey with the words: I OFFER THEE OF THE SEA THIS GIFT IN LIEU OF GUARDING ME.  KEEP ME SAFE, OCEAN WRAITH, AND THEN RETURN ME BACK TO STAY.
  • Protection Against Witch Wars:  Blend Dill seed and coarse sea salt together in a bowl.  Mix with your hands in a counterclockwise direction while envisioning all spells against you being turned with your motions and ground in the bitter grit of salt.  Scatter this around the rooms in your home, especially in the corners.  This destroys plots against you and safeguards you against further curses.


  • To Increase One's Psychic Power:  Cook the whole of a hyssop plant, celery seed, and anise seed together in a pot of boiling water.  Turn the heat off and let stand overnight.  Strain the next morning and add an equal amount of alcohol.  Add a quart of this wash to your bathwater and soak in it before attempting spirit contact, astral travel, or important ritual work.
  • To Call Spirits to Visible Appearance: Arrange a cauldron of fresh water from a stream, spring, or river over a fire and allow to boil.  Toss in handfuls of Mullein leaf while calling the name of the spirit to be conjured.  Circle around the fire clockwise, brandish a tool of commanding (usually a knife or wand), and speak evocations aloud until manifestation occurs. When you have completed you business with the entity, tip over the cauldron spilling its contents and extinguishing the fire.   

As you can see, you needn't cheapen your work with lesser quality components nor forgo magic altogether, as many have been tempted to do, for lack of funds.  Keep an eye for beauty and depth and the rest will come at will.

If you have enjoyed these spells--as well as the concept of timeless, thrifty magic--you will love my upcoming book, Back to the Land with Witchcraft: Natural Secrets of Beautiful, Affordable, Powerful Magic.  Keep watching this blog as I continue the long road to publishing.

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