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Nothing is quite so popular as the money spell (I know, love spells are a close second.  We'll talk about that later).  Magic to bring opportunity, better jobs, raises in pay, refunded loans, windfalls, and plain ol' hard currency about in books and online.  They come from all times in history and any
country you can name.  Some are so simple as to seem too mundane to work and others are so richly executed one can hardly afford to try.  I recall reading one in Sarah Lyddon Morrison's "Modern Witch's Spellbook" that required a diamond ring in order to be cast.  Really.  An actual diamond ring. Like the average cash-strapped witch has both outstanding bills and diamonds.  I know I've mentioned it before but that book is garbage, and there was another example.
So, moving on, a main point to be made is this--when funds are low, don't waste money on magic. Now that certainly sounds weird coming from me, but there's a rider to it that makes it all come together: spending judiciously and with the greatest care can be an expert way to increase your devotion to the work (and therefore it's potency) but to blow cash on every trinket you see that promises wealth is a grievous mistake.  Money is a resource, and in this case a precious one; use it with discretion.

To maximize your efforts, begin with small free forms of magic and then build up to larger works that require some outlay.  Some of the best methods to start:

  • Recite prosperity charms several times a day.  Upon waking, at noon, and before sleep is a good start, but also consider times like before leaving for work, when opening the mail, and every time you have to spend money.
  • Arrange an altar dedicated to success.  Show value you have now alongside what you hope to attain.  This isn't a worship space; instead it's a diorama of your desires.  Add some lucky objects, prosperous tarot cards or runes, and photos of yourself happy and carefree.
  • Post affirmations around your home and work space.  Some of the worst things we can do to our magic is sabotage it with a mindset that breeds failure.  
  • Cook with foods and herbs that are linked to prosperity.  Start with a list like this and grow from there.  Bake with grains and focus on abundance.  You are the giver of your own bounty.

From there you can increase your efforts into more complex works.  Beginning small helps you to see that every little change helps to set the pace for the large changes to come.  Once you are able to feel a positive presence of success in your mind, see it in your surroundings, and focus on it in your day-
to-day activities, you are ready to have it working for you on the grand scale.  Try one or more of the following at this juncture: 
  • Make a poppet of yourself and stuff with money herbs. Put a fat wallet in its hand, cover it in gold paint, draw money sigils upon it, or otherwise adorn it with wealth.  
  • Dress your money with money-drawing oil before spending it.  Now don't go crazy--just a dab on the corner is plenty--but dressing money helps it return to you.  If you must spend, bring it back again as quickly as possible!  This works with all kinds of money oil, so find a recipe that calls for what you already have in your cupboards and go with it!
  • Work knot spells to hold onto your cash.  There's always the standard "By knot of one, this spell's begun..." method, but there are a lot of knots out there and a lot of ways to work with them.  You might find, like myself, that knot-tying suits your magic well and use it for many purposes besides.
  • House and personal cleansings.  I often say this but it bears repeating--most of the "stuck" situations we find ourselves in are from the bad stuff that clings to us and gobs up the spaces in our lives.  Create a fresh flow in your home and your person to allow new possibilities--including wealth, work, and stability--to enter.
As you can see, magic doesn't need to bee expensive but it does need to be carefully crafted. Laziness is not the same as thriftiness.  You have more at your disposal than you may realize.  Great systems of magic are based on simple things like paper and rope.  There is nothing stopping you from rising up with the help of your fore-bearers, who probably had much less than you on a good day.  Learn from their heartiness and grow strong.  In the meantime, here is my contribution--a sort of first copper in the cap--this charm to bring new money:

Green river, golden sea
Money, money flows to me
To my pocket, to my stores
And every dime I spend brings more. 

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