NEW FEATURE! Witch Tips Wednesday (plus an Easy Herb!)

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You have spoken and I'm listening: you want more magic every week!  So now, between Quick Link Monday and Full Feature Friday, you'll get a third dose of occult lore and opinion--Witch Tips Wednesday!

Here is where we'll be discussing those easy pieces of magic that do a lot with very little, formulas you can make today, easy-to-find herbs, spell shortcuts, and important thoughts to keep in mind as you progress as a caster.  Prepare to look forward to Wednesdays as the best day of the week!

St. John's Wort Oil

Now that we have entered the height of summer, we're in the prime time to talk about St. John's Wort.  This lovely little plant is a mainstay of the roadside, eye-catching with crowns of bright golden yellow flower clusters.  Watch the untended fields and underbrush for these tall, bushy plants.  

Amazingly, St. John's Wort has a huge distribution, found growing wild in forty-eight of the fifty states, including Alaska and Hawaii.  To some, it's a harmful invasive species so don't feel too bad about taking your share.*

You can tuck the fresh stalks under your pillow to dream of the one you will marry or hang them over your door to keep out fairies and other mischievous spirits.  But perhaps most useful of all is its work as an infused oil.  It protects from all manners of evil from general negativity to the jealous Evil Eye to the work of other spellcasters or demonic spirits.  Even just keeping the bottle in your home has a protective effect against misfortune and destruction.

To make your own infused oil, stuff a jar with the fresh leaves, flowers, and stems and cover with oil.   Sit this in a sunny window and watch the oil turn a stunning blood red, ready for dressing candles, anointing talismans, and adding to washwater or bathwater, among many other uses.    

So while the sun shines and summer reigns supreme, go out and seek the magical St. John's Wort!  It will guard you and yours even in the dark and ice of winter. 

*And remember, your share is 1/4 of the total.  f you take flowers, take only one-quarter of the flowers on that plant.  If you take a whole plant, take no more than one-quarter of all the plants growing in that area.



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