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Azure Green

To many of us this might seem all too obvious, but I've run into many practitioners who were as yet unfamiliar with this incredible seller (and a few who were bizarrely against it) so I thought this would be a good time to revisit it.  No matter what you're looking for, Azure Green has it.   Even if you haven't shopped there before, you're most likely familiar with their green dragon logo because of the many independently owned shops which carry their brand.

Azure Green is not only an amazing place to buy everything you could need, it's also a fun place to daydream.  Your task for this week is to peruse their website (or flip through a print catalog, if you can get one) and make a list of the things you would like to have.  Make this list based on your ideal self, your ideal practice, the kinds of things you want to do and to know, the tools and objects that make you feel powerful.  Keep this list close to your heart; it is a map to your dreams.

Please don't think that this is all just about materialism or flashy outward displays.  I am the last person to suggest that people buy magical items en masse just to feel "witchy."  Rather, I support the idea that one thing at a time, carefully studied, well learned, and put into good practice is worth one hundred unread books and unused tools.  If you are able, choose one or two things from your list, buy them, invest time and effort into them, and fold them into your life.  There is time enough to explore the rest of your map later.


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