5 Kinds of Magical People Urgently Needed Today

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I am proud to say that you and I are in the midst of one of the most positive points in the history of the magical community.  However, if we only had a few more well positioned people, a little more planning, and a good dose more enthusiasm for cooperation, we could be so very much more.

In order to not only achieve our potential but to take the steps which lead to our potential even being a real possibility, I propose that we need a group of specialized individuals--either newcomers to our community or its veterans--to step up and let their talents shine.  So here, in no particular order, are the 5 Kinds of Magical People Urgently Needed Today:

Professional Spellcasters

In a diverse group that nearly swims with spellcasters of every stripe, one could assume that we don't really need those who do it for a living.  However, if we had more of them, several things would happen:

  • Our practices would gain more legitimacy to outsiders
  • Magic would be seen as--and be used more often as--an everyday method of problem solving
  • New or uncertain casters would have resources to turn to for important work
  • More high-quality spells would be cast, possibly elevating the entire community's expectations 
  • Skilled professionals make the best teachers


I'm just going to call them advisers since titles like counselor, leader, and elder are too specific yet take on related responsibilities.  In short, we as a community need more people with good advice.  We need someone to turn to for help with our covens, our families, our personal practices, our PR with outsiders.  

And it would be super if this is the main skill these folks are known for and not some side-job.  I would love to see people really embrace not only the concept of offering that kind of help but also, from the other side of the equation, accepting that kind of help.  


A few years ago, I got into a disagreement with some people of unknown background and skill who were nonetheless adamant that one of the East Coast's most respected magical people--a celebrity of sorts--wasn't worth the reputation because a sprawling and world renowned event he hosts is little more than a party that anyone could throw.  This stuck with me not because these people disagreed with my view but because something that takes an enormous amount of time, effort, and calculation to orchestrate was so easily dismissed.  No matter how much I tried to bring to light the months of intricate planning necessary for an event to service thousands, they simply wouldn't budge.  Haters gonna hate, I suppose.

As a coven leader myself I know what great hassles are involved in even the smallest events.  Being able to make even a few hours run smoothly is a real challenge.  When I see all-day workshops or weekend retreats, I give a silent salute to the many hands working thanklessly behind the scenes.  

It needn't be a thankless job, however.  We need more people to step out into the spotlight and say "We could be hosting an inter-coven celebration every year right at this location!" and "With a bit of help, I can set up the biggest Midsummer fair you've ever seen!"  People of vision and influence, those who can coordinate and harmonize, can be some of the most inspiring people in our community.  Far from being the simple task-masters they are sometimes considered, they have the power to create something incredible out of absolutely nothing--true magic itself.  


For a system so inherently beautiful, it's a shame to see a real scarcity of beauty in modern magic.  We need more people who wish to create artwork not only in the form of paintings and sculpture, but also logos and other advertising, decorations for public events, group and personal spaces, fashion, reference works, illustrations, ritual costume, and many more.  I miss the spectacle, the fantastic, the unforgettable that characterizes what we know (or think we know) of earlier periods of the occult world.  If we had creative minds at work to bring out our own collective style, we could see not only more beauty but also more of that wild-eyed spark we respect so much in our forebears.     


This one might go without saying, depending on what part of the magical community in which you find yourself.  If you have children, you'll notice the sparse number of children's books that are directly for youngsters growing up in a magic loving household.  Sure we can back-track the Christian undertones from fairy tales and read some of the online shorts for kids about the meaning of Sabbats (assuming you are of a faith which observes them), but what we're really needing is more, more of everything for everyone.

We need stories for all ages, tales of all lengths from picture books to epic novels, more poetry, music, and plays from all sorts of perspectives, not just those explaining what we do.  I have a few favorites myself but I want to discover new ones, see the talent that I know is out there come alive.

If you've traveled in the magical community, you may be able to put a few names to the above categories.  Those folks might even do their jobs incredibly well.  That's wonderful!  Make sure that you take the time to tell them how great they are doing, how their efforts mean something to you and to us all, how you wish there were a hundred more like them.  Offer to help in any way you can.  Ask what they need to keep going, to keep improving.  Do what you can to see they get it.  Give time, money, ideas, gather people, spread the word, start a website, make fliers, donate goods or space.  Just do something; it will be appreciated.

If, on the other hand, you look at this list and see something of it in yourself, I implore you to start today to make use of those talents.  We need them so badly.  And the more that we see you and all those like you out there, getting recognized for polishing the glass on the beacon of our community, the more respected and revered all these positions become.  


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