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10 Websites that Will Help Drown Out the Noise So You Can Stay Focused

I am fortunate to have a room that I can dedicate to my practice.  There, I can carefully craft every aspect of the way it looks, smells, and feels to be exactly what I need to feel confident and competent as a witch.  The one thing I can't always control is how it sounds.  And there are times when that is all that seems to matter.

You see, I have a husband and kids and pets and they all have lives that create varying levels of noise in our house.  There's phone conversations, running in and out of the house, pots and pans clanging in the kitchen, talking, laughing, radio music, and movies playing on TV.  We live near a road which connects to a highway, so there's traffic noise as well as the occasional emergency vehicle on their way to the hospitals in the city. 

When I lay it all out like that, it makes this place seem like an endless chaos, which it is not.  But when I'm trying to concentrate, that's all I can think.  When the noise is all I hear, the chances of me making effective magic--despite having every other prerequisite--go right down to nothing.  And your own household might be far louder than mine!

To that end, I offer these helpful and creative sites that have but one goal: instantly block out the world so you can get things done.  And they do it well.  I'm a longtime Coffeetivity user for writing manuscripts, but have become a recent fan of Soundrown and Focus@Will for magic as well.  

Give one a whirl the next time you're working spells, writing in your BoS, trying out mental exercises, creating magical items, or compounding formulas.  You'll be amazed at the results!


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