Do You Really Need a Magical Almanac?

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Um...unless you've never read a word I've written before--yes!  An emphatic yes for always having an up-to-date almanac at hand.  But since there's so much more to say on the topic, let's talk about all the reasons why you should have one.

To be clear, I'm talking about any almanac designed for practitioners (so, no, not the Farmer's).  I have my preferences, naturally, but any of those on the market have the same basic set-up and therefore are all amazing.  No worries if you haven't chosen one for yourself; I wrap up with a list and links of those that I've discovered.


1.  Not Just an Almanac

While the dated pages are the real reason you bought the thing, everything else is simply amazing.  The rest of the book is filled with articles and bits of information that can range from herbal correspondences, seasonal recipes, magical handcraft ideas, rituals, simple spells, q&a--you name it.  It's super handy to grab this for a quick read while you're currently between books, waiting for the next issue of Witches and Pagans, or just have enough time for something short.

Plus you'll be keeping up with the current topics in the magical community. 

Plus they're usually written by big name authors (I highly recommend scanning through the front page of contributor bios before buying.  It's weirdly fun for me to get excited over one of my favorite authors being in the latest almanac and saving their article for last, like a super sweet dessert.  I know, I know--but I did admit already that it was weird).

2.  Cast More Spells in General

When you're able to really think about all the things you'd like to see happen in your future, and then plan for them in order of importance, you're more likely to see those great things manifest.  You may be thinking about how important it is to cast a spell for that possible raise at work, but to see it written down--a specific date and time--means that you have an appointment to show up, cast big, and get things done. 

What's more, when you take a look at the current month and see it looking sparse, you might start to consider the spells you can cast for the less-than-urgent issues in your life.  This means that you'll work magic into your life on a more consistent basis and you'll also whittle down the great to-do list of things you'd like to see happen in your life. 

As an aside, I'd like to mention that it is not only a practitioner's option to use magic, it is their duty to use it.  To have in your possession a tool which could vastly improve your life and the lives of everyone around you, and to use it only when everything else fails, is an error somewhere between stupidity and selfishness.  I do not subscribe to the notion that spells are only for the really big dangers in life; they are for that, but also for the little things--the everyday wonders and blunders, the hopes and goals we want for our futures, the pleasant things we want right now, the sweet burst of happiness and accomplishment that keeps us going in life.  Magic is, in short, for everyone and every desire.  If you want it, make it happen.

3.  Get Better at Good Timing

Almanacs generally have timing information in the back so it's a one-stop reference for how to get the very best from your spells.  Time based on moon phase, sign, day of the week, planetary hour, or any combination thereof, with ease. 

I especially love how timing by the moon offers so many options.  (At this point, you may like to swing by the shop and pick up my timing chart, Magic in the Moon Signs) This means that not only can you choose which exact aspect of the issue you want to be at the forefront of your magic, but doing so gives you a number of days in the month to choose from, so that your spell doesn't compete with other events in your life.

So, let's imagine this: Nancy is an artist and she wants to cast a spell to make her latest public project a success.  She could choose to cast on a Thursday when the moon is in Pisces to ensure that the project will be a financial success with many generous backers.  Or she could decide that it's more important that the art itself succeed, making a deep and personal connection to her audience.  In that case, she might like to try a Monday Sagittarius, Taurus, or Cancer moon.  If she just wanted to be able to get her point across without hindrance--leaving the audience and philanthropists to think what they will--she might opt for Sunday spell under Virgo or Libra.  And that's before she even decides on planetary hours.  That's a lot of options! 

4.  The Ideal Way to Keep Track of Your (Possibly Clandestine) Second Life

If you're like me, you wear many hats and sometimes it takes quite the hat rack to keep them all straight.  Keeping an almanac as a separate daily planner from the one I use to track dentist appointments and overtime at work is a real advantage to me.  I can use it for to-do lists when getting ready for coven workshops and meetings, orchestrate the days of tasks leading up to each of the sabbats, and watch for the ideal times to make use of celestial changes.

But what about all the practitioners who must keep their witchiness separate?  There are many folks out there who, for one reason or another, choose not to be public about their practices and, for that reason, would benefit from a small, personal place to arrange their work.  Not everyone feels comfortable when a visiting neighbor sees that, by your kitchen calendar, tonight is your Ladies of the Burning Star meeting.   

5. Quickly Chart Your Manifesting Time and Rate of Success

While this sort of information isn't important to every caster, it's a big one for professionals and similarly-minded personal practitioners.  Of course, knowing how long it takes for a spell to do its job is something we should all care about because there might come a time when exact dates are essential to your desires.  Imagine leisurely using up your last two weeks to plan how you want to cast for a raise at work without the knowledge that your prior money spells took a month before you saw results! 

6. It Can Also Be a Magical Diary

I have a filing cabinet drawer stuffed with my old almanacs purely for this reason; I just can't bear to throw them away!  I think about clearing them all out at times, but then I pick up one and flip through, seeing entries like "Tuesday--Protection: talismans, smudge, doorstep wash" and "DDTM ointment made" and "The Poke Root spell on the 4th may have a cruel twist; the Jackball is filled with moths who died in the candle flame", and I get a twitch of pleasant nostalgia and put them back in the drawer unharmed.

It is a sadly underappreciated aspect of magical practice to look back and reflect.  We should always be aware not only of where we are going, but from whence we have come.  There is something quite satisfying in reading over your old spells, remembering the trials that brought about the need for the spell and also the triumphant calm which followed its success.  You were a different person then, but everything that that You went through has led you here. 

7. There's a Bunch to Choose From

If you're a fan of variety, you'll feel right at home here.  There are so many general and specific almanacs on the shelves that you can try them all until you find the one that is just right for you.  Check these out:

Witches Almanac

The Witches Companion

Witches' Spell-a-Day Almanac

Magical Almanac

Sabbats Almanac

Herbal Almanac

Sun Sign Book

Moon Sign Book

Witches Datebook

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