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Images of the Male Witch

This seems to be one of the many hotly debated topics in the magical community--just what is this strange beast called the male magic user?

What does he look like?

How does he dress?

What makes him different from his female counterparts?  What makes him the same?

And probably the most discussed issue...

What should he be called?

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

Male practitioners are just as varied as female.  In practice, there will be some that adhere to "the look" and others who couldn't be picked out of a lineup of mundane types.  Clothing, appearance, age...these are subject to change and can't be relied upon as identifiers.

What should they be called?  Whatever the hell they wish!  Even with women, some prefer titles like priestess (accenting the spiritual side of their magical work) or strega (for their cultural heritage or magical lineage) and no one tells them no.  Then, too, should men have the option to be witches or warlocks, mages or magicians or wizards as is their wont.

To this end, I like the look of the photos in this link.  Each one's concept of the male practitioner is a little different.  Which is your ideal?  For the guys out there, who would you emulate?  It's fun to note how each one takes on a bit of the overall feeling of magic while crossing it with distinctly masculine traits: the druid in the woods, a master of the land; the quiet and contemplative mage sternly cloistered in his study surrounded by arcane books and bottles.  They display something unique each time.

Only one thing remains constant--and that is also present in every image of the female magic user--the look of power and self-mastery.  That is how we define a practitioner.


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