Witch Tip--Unpleasant Truths: Magic is Worth Money

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This is something that you've undoubtedly heard me discuss before, but it continues to be an issue so I must continue to talk about it.

Here's the facts:  People will pay for others to cast spells for them.  They will pay for pre-made spell kits.  They will pay for magical objects, talismans, and other charged items.  They will pay for a teacher to give them instruction on how to do all this for themselves.  They do this as willingly as they pay for books, art, poetry, and music about magic.

As well they should.  A practitioner invests money and time in being ready for client requests.  It's not an easy job and it takes a lot of skill and confidence to do it well.  It's got value that can be measured in several ways.  One of those ways is monetary.

If you don't believe that it's okay to ask for money for your magic, then don't do it.  There is no stipulation that you must accept payment and no one is trying to convince you that you should.  If you can see that as being a fair position, then you can also see that no professional magic worker needs, deserves, or requires the opinion that their magic must be for free.


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