Witch Tip--Charm: To Get New Friends

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We're more connected now than humanity has ever been, and yet the problem of finding and maintaining deep friendships remains just as difficult.  You might have hundreds or thousands of Facebook friends and Twitter followers yet still have no one with whom you can share your true self--those innermost thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams that acquaintances never know.  Everyone should have people with whom they can be genuine.  That kind of peace and understanding is what the soul craves.

Though this charm doesn't exactly fit with my usual style of spoken magic, the tone is earnest and the purpose is worthwhile giving it a good spot in any BoS.

Day to night, 
Night to day, 
I call upon my inner powers 
To bring me friends who will always be true.

I'm not certain of this charm's origins, but I found on this forum:


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