Wiitch Tip: Unpleasant Truths--What Makes a Real Witch

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The short answer to this one is simple: you call yourself one, so you are one.

You are a witch, a magician, a sorcerer or sorceress, an occultist, a mage, a wizard, a warlock, a magical practitioner.  Your authenticity comes from doing something worthwhile with that title, not that you have gained some arbitrary right to hold it.

So don't you dare tell me that a "real witch" would never curse or manipulate others.  I have done so plenty of times in the past and I will again when the occasion calls for it.  Don't tell me that you have to worship Pagan Gods.  Though I do, I have met plenty of folks who don't, or only do so in a vague and barely-religious way.  There's atheists, Satanists, and Christians who practice magic.  Some folks even call themselves without ever having cast a single spell.  Witches can be monotheists, duotheists, polytheits, or no -theist at all.  They can cast elaborate magic from the Middle Ages or simplistic charms written last Tuesday.  They can be one with nature, meditating on a mountaintop or they can be ruling the streets of Manhattan, their ritual gear a cigarette, cell phone, and stiletto heels.

You don't have to dress differently and you don't have to blend in with any soccer mom on the block.  You don't have to practice for a certain length of time or have learned from a famous teacher.  You don't have to write your own spells or make your own wand.

You only have to want it bad enough to live it.  Every day is your chance to learn more and put it to work.  Whatever your methods, use them.  Whatever your morals, live them.  Whatever your spells, cast them.  Make magic and let it shape you.

You are real.


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