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Back again for another quickie piece of magic that I swear by!  Last time we focused on drawing people closer; this time we're drawing their thoughts.  We're going to give them a Push.

A push is a simple affair.  It changes a person's mind, gives them a new idea that you'd rather not say yourself, and inspires them to do their best work for you.

The most entertaining part of giving a push is that oftentimes the same words you use in your head are what they say out loud.  For example, I remember using it many years ago when my husband and I were buying a used camper.  The dealer was happy to talk it up but when it came time to explain how certain things worked, he was not entirely sure.  Campers, as you may know, vary widely depending on the make and age so it's easy not to know how everything works if there's no original paperwork available.

Being young and excited, we had already signed the papers when we realized that we didn't know how to turn on the furnace.  We were going on a trip with it right away and we'd need functioning heat.  But when the dealer tried to start it, nothing happened.  He tinkered a minute then said we might have to get it worked on (then, naturally, talked about how "little things" like that can happen with a such a great bargain).  I was inside the camper alone hearing this, and my shoulders slumped.  But then I took a deep breath, did a push, and in my mind I saw him getting back to work with real effort and focus and then finally saying, "Oh, here we are!" and the furnace turning on.

From outside I could hear more rattling in the open compartment, mutters, and then a click.  Suddenly, the dealer laughed and exclaimed, "Oh, here we are!" and the furnace started.  I laughed, too.  It was a fantastic feeling that still makes me smile.

So here's how to make your own miracle inside someone else's mind:

Using the Push

Close your eyes, let out a deep breath, and relax every muscle.  Your goal is to blend your thoughts with those of your target, so you want it to feel effortless and smooth, like water seeping into cracks in the pavement.

In your mind's eye, see your target from the front as though you were looking at him.  Now turn your mind-self around and fade back into his body.  Look out through his eyes, be aware of his body being yours for this moment; you're wearing everything about this person as a mantle.  Now begin to draw up a feeling about the situation that is useful to you.  If you need the person's help, give them the feeling of really wanting to help.  Make it something that makes them feel good, gives them a sense of reward.  If you need them to change their mind, give them the feeling of change being good, of them relaxing and making a choice that's better than the one before.   Make them feel happy about deciding.  This isn't about you; it's about them and what makes them feel happy and confident.

You can, as I did, inject a few words that sound like something they would say when they do what you want.  Repeat it a few times in your head--in their voice--while focusing on the positive feelings you're giving them.  Really hit home what you want them to do, then prepare to get out of their head quick.  Too long and they'll start to notice something weird.  You don't want that.

When you're ready to wrap it up, take another deep breath and push out all your focused energy into the person.  Pull away and return to yourself and your normal awareness.  You will find their attitude surprisingly accommodating.

This is, as I said, excellent for making someone bend to your will and be happy about it.  It's also good for rerouting a difficult conversation.  Remember that this holiday season when visiting relatives!


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