Witch Tip--Useful Herbs: Nutmeg

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As we come up on the holiday season, I feel it only fitting to share one of my favorite herbs traditionally associated with various aspects of fall and winter festivities: Nutmeg.

Not only is nutmeg magically powerful, it's also strong in scent, texture, and color, making the whole, crushed, and ground spice a perfect fit for any application from potions to hotpots.  It will definitely make your formula come alive!

Whole nutmegs are good for carrying in your pocket as a talisman, no bag necessary.  Of course, because of nutmeg's reputation for getting things heated up, adding it to other herbs and curios can make for some incredible combinations!  Try it for bringing good luck, especially in money magic and gambling, or guarding yourself from illness.  Chopped or crushed, it keeps the peace at home and ensures faithfulness in your beloved.  Powdered, you can add it to food, powders, or incense to heighten goodwill among family or friends, intensify magical ability, and increase focus.

No matter what your situation, one or more of these intentions surely sparked with you as being the perfect spell right now.  So, as you bake pumpkin pies and stir eggnog this year, add a dash of power to your nutmeg to send your season in the direction of success!


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