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Modern Sealing Wax Recipe

Medieval Sealing Wax Recipes

I am a big fan of wax seals.  Though it is becoming increasingly rare to find people using the completely unique and one-of-a-kind seals of old, they are still a useful and decorative way to ensure that a message gets where it's going without being switched or spoiled.

Or, if you're like me, they are the perfect touch to binding spells.  Because no one can tamper with a seal without it being obvious, wax seals are a constant reminder of the security of your magic intent.  Use them to cover knots around objects, bind scrolls, when signing your name to a piece of magic, or to keep spell bottle lids covered (be it permanent or temporary).

As a note, though convenient, modern wax sticks are not the proper choice if you're going to use your seal often or on any item to be buried.  They are made from plastics, stiff and non-biodegradable.  Instead, follow these links for great alternatives. The first is simple and easy for a modern practitioner and the other is the traditional Medieval methods for purists (or just for fun).


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