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Every once in a while, I like to remind you all that you can find me in other places.  Today, however, I want to give you an extra reason to drop by.

For the whole month of September (and possibly beyond), my working magical altar is home to the spirits of money luck!  Since this began, I've been receiving names and petitions for new jobs, more work, more customers, bigger cash flow, raises, prizes, reclaimed loans, windfalls, and all other kinds of money luck you can imagine.  I don't judge and you don't have to say anything about your situation if you don't want to.  All names and petitions go on the altar where dressed candles are burned, charms are spoken, tinctures and powders are sprinkled, and power is raised in their stead.  This will contine throughout the month, so be sure to get your name in quickly so you can bask in the longest possible glow of money magic!

To get your name on my money altar simply visit Quill's Occult Supply on Facebook, check out the post with the following sigil from the incredible Lucky Mojo Curio Co. and post "SUCCESS".  I'll add your name the same day and include you in my spells immediately!  No charge, no obligation, no worries!  If you are in need (or just desire some added prosperity), add your name today!


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My name is Quill and I've been practicing witchcraft for the past 17 years. 10 of those years I've been reading tarot and teaching.  I own a shop on Etsy called Quill's Occult Supply (check it out at QuillsOccultSupply.Etsy.com) full of handmade ritual and decorative items, spell components, and wild picked herbs.

I love to work with my hands.  Magic is a tool to shape our lives, and I'm using magic to shape tools to shape magic.  Cosmic! 

I use a lot of my favorite things in my shop: herbs, candles, wood, fabric, paint, clay.  And I get to carve, burn, grind, mold, think, dream ... I'm in the perfect business!

I've written 3 manuscripts for publication (2 non-fiction and 1 fiction) and am an avid NaNo-er!  I and my husband run a local coven called Orbis Prosapia, and our children are growing up surrounded by magic, mythology, fairy tales, Earth worship, art, open discussion, music, and humor. 

In addition to working on Ex Penna about my experiences as a professional witch, I also write for Scenes from the Circle about being a coven leader. 

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