Witch Tips--Easy Herbs: Licorice Root

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Like Marshmallow, Licorice herb gets it's share of jibes by non-herbalists for its candy namesake.  But we are, of course, talking about the root of the Licorice plant, its incredibly sweet, strange flavor and fibrous texture, and its many uses in magic.  Though you can tease a witch about the addition of Twizzlers to her potion, you won't be laughing for long once you find out about its impressive powers.

Licorice is a sweetening agent, making people pliable and agreeable to your plans.  Oddly enough, though the effect is sweet, the source is brutal; Licorice is a commanding and controlling herb.  Even better, with all its love elements in the herb, the target is quite happy to comply!  I'll share with you in the next Shortcut post a Licorice spell I've used again and again to compel a person to conform to my wishes, whether in their favor or not.  It hasn't failed me yet!

Besides being a persistent agent of behavioral control (I kind of like the sound of that), Licorice can also be used to inspire love, fidelity, passion, sex, and potency.  On a calmer evening, try this root for its protective qualities, safeguarding your health, your home, and your life.

As a final note, this is the best known herb for changing habits, especially that of quitting smoking.  With so many options for bringing Licorice into your magic, be sure to rush to your nearest occult shop and pick up a bag so you will be ready at the first sight of a need!


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