Witch Tips--Charm: To Heal a Burn

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There are many charms so useful that they should be committed to memory immediately so that they may be recalled when needed; this is one of those charms.  A standard for healing burns, this Pow Wow chant is also good for infections, fevers, and inflammation.

As is the case with many of the best charms, the wording is not explicit to the circumstances.  I happen to find chants that say exactly what they mean a little tiresome, but as that have become the modern style, you may wish to focus differently than normal while reciting this one.  Instead of listening to the exact meaning of the phrases, focus on their power.  Think on all the thousands, nay, millions of times it's been used in the past and with what success.  That will fuel your magic in what will most likely be a stressful undertaking.

To Heal a Burn
(by Preston Zerbe of Adams county, PA)

The weed and the dragon
Tried to cross the river Jordan.
The weed sank 
And the dragon drank.


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