How to Know if You've Been Bewitched

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Bewitchment is a nice all-purpose term, albeit a bit dramatic, for any kind of spell cast upon another person, especially without their knowledge.  Most people worry only about curses but bewitchment can happen for any purpose--to bring that target love, money, success, peace, healing...anything the caster feels they need. Sometimes it's in your favor, oftentimes not.  We'll be talking today in terms of spells you would like to rebel against--the love spell that horrible guy down the block wants to put on you; the job your mother-in-law thinks you deserve, even if you don't want it; the move you're desperate to make but your friend will do anything to prevent.

Secretly working on others is not all bad, of course, but even when it is totally benevolent and selfless, this sort of work is still looked down upon.  Many practitioners shun going on their own permission in even the worst of situations, even when the target cannot be reached or is too ill to respond to requests to help.  Others are more lenient but still have a large amount of rules governing its use.  I don't mind at all what an individual chooses to do or not do.  I'm not out there handing out flyers on the street and trying to convince people to cast spells on everyone in sight, but I understand the reasoning for not making a person aware of your assistance.  It's fine with me either way.

But it is an unfortunate by-product of widespread hex-shunning that a few silly ideas (as noted in the above link) have cropped up about all forms of secretive magic.   But, I can attest that the truth is there really is no need for compliance by a target of the spell and targets are generally unaware of any kind of work being done on them, so it's unnecessary to make it public.  This goes for one and all types of spells, so it becomes even more important to know the signs and watch for them.  Even if a spell is just a kind act by a friend, you should know what is being worked on you.  And if it was a friend, say thank you!

So let's jump right in, shall we?

Signs that You're Being Bewitched

1.  Repeated Thoughts and Emotions

Curses, by their forceful nature, must be irrepressible and painful.  You're most likely to see what's going on around you as one disaster after another, with no way to halt the storm.  But other kinds of bewitchments don't need to go to this extent to get the job done.  Instead, you'll note the sudden and persistent thoughts about things you don't normally obsess over.  These thoughts will often be accompanied by strong emotions of excitement and longing.  This is part of the spell casting itself--to make you really desire what the caster desires you must feel what they feel.

Watch any thoughts that come unbidden, especially if they give you ideas that are opposite of what you normally think of that topic.  If your once happy marriage is suddenly smothering and you can't take your mind off the woman at work who bats her eyelashes at you, consider the origins of this thought and if it is indeed your own.  She may be more of a temptress than she seems.

To this end, I recommend journaling so you can really dig into these feelings and see them on paper.

2. Unusual Dreams

The best time to cast spells has always been at night.  Why is that?  Why is midnight "the Witching Hour"? Because your target is asleep!  While we sleep we are vulnerable to influence of every kind. What you awake thinking about, what transpired in your dream world, memorable images or words, and how they make you feel all can be a part of a spell's effect.

Pay attention to your dreams.   Especially if you can't seem to shake them after waking or return to thinking about the dream throughout the day, this could be a sign that it was intended to act upon you in a specific way.

3.  Using Strange Words 

How you describe what you're feeling or doing is usually typical to your upbringing and your current surroundings.  But if you find yourself saying things foreign to you, consider who's words they might actually be.  Casters implant ideas into your thoughts using images and emotions, but also words. Though it is more rare, pay attention to the desire to say what you normally wouldn't. 

Here's an example: you're in the process of breaking up with your girlfriend.  She's got a laid-back "downtown" style and yours is anything but.  Suddenly you think of giving this mismatch another try. When your friends question you, you say with a shrug "I just can't quit that girl!"  Is that you speaking, or her?  Most people would shrug off a few words out of character for you, but you're best to pay attention.  This might be just what she repeated to your poppet.

These are the most obvious, in order of likelihood, symptoms of bewitchment.  There are others, I am sure, but they generally come after these three have been evident.  Naturally, as not all bewitchment is meant for harmful coercion not all spells need to be rallied against.  I remember years ago creating a sigil to get my brother to call me on the phone.  I had lost his number and had something important I wanted to discuss, so I sat down, made the sigil, empowered it, and posted it to await his call.  And, sure enough, within an hour the phone rang.  He is a spellcaster himself and whether or not he knew I cast a spell on him, he went with it because it did him no harm.  If you discover symptoms of a spell that is in your favor, roll with it!  You notice a few words slip out in the same accent as that cute guy down the hall?  Let them slip!  You feel a tug in your chest every time you and your boss walk by the upper management office you'd love to call your own?  Revel in it!  These might be signs that someone is doing all the hard work for you.

If you have been bewitched and would like to share your story, feel free to write in the comments below.  I'd love to hear about your experiences!  If you're shy, message me on my shop's Facebook page, Quill's Occult Supply.

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