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Presented for your consideration:  Shocker: There is No Universal Threefold Law in Wicca

Normally, we wouldn't be discussing Wicca here at all but the concept of the Threefold Law has become so widespread that most people accept is as part of all magical traditions and not just a specific interpretation within a single path.  Even the "Harm None" dictim of the Wiccan Rede has been conversely named the "Witches Rede" by a variety of books and their readers.  The idea that we all should adopt any and all guidelines which will help us to appear less threatening to non-practitioners spread rapidly throughout the '90s and is only now beginning to taper off.

Read and consider.  I have my own theory on the misinterpretation of Gardener's tabboo on haggling for magical tools.  Remind me to tell you about it sometime.


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