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Fascinating Female Occultists

This excellent slideshow was brought to my attention to another fascinating female occultist, Judika Illes.  The idea of celebrating the influencial women in magic thrilled me, but the stories I read revealed something deeper.

As is common for me, I am seeing parallels everywhere to a project I am exploring for the
NaNoWriMo.  This year, I'll be writing on the theme of adepthood and fame in the magical community.  It is unfortunate that so few occultists, witches, warlocks, mages, magicians, etc. are willing to take up the mantle of not only leadership but noteriety and run on where their predecessors had not the opportunity to go.  We can look to any number of greats of the past, but who do we see when we look around us in the current day?  Who will be the larger-than-life image we crave?

This collection of female practitiners is a great way to begin thinking about such things.  Wht do they all have in comon?

1.  They used the modes of fame available at their time
While it is not unusual in modern times to see a woman come forth in her own right in any topic, in generations past it would have been quite unlikely.  So these ladies were often known first by the good name of their husbands.  After securing a place at the table, however, they quickly proved themselves worthy to sit at the head of it.  This isn't sexism; it's damn good business.

2.  They knew and trusted their talents
If you know what you're good at, start now.  If you trust that what you're good at will either emerge or improve with practice, start now.  Either way, these women were able to let go of the fear of failure, social censure, and mockery to become their best selves.

3.  They stepped into the spotlight
Set up a business, create a group, lead rites and workshops.  Put yourself where the people are.  This is more of that same fearlessness, but with a twist.  If you stay at home, no matter how great your talent, no one will ever know you.  These women were at the center of the action of their times.  Know your local magical community, its most pressing issues, its greatest achievements, and throw yourself into them with gusto.

If you're intersted in gaining fame in your own lifetime, I suggest studying the stories of these fine female occultists--as well as their male counterparts--and taking extensive notes.  Otherwise, sign up for this year's NaNoWriMo and send me a Writing Buddy request to learn more about my project!


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