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Today we often think of it in only the broadest terms--there's good luck and there's bad.  If you have one, you know it.

But to our predecessors, there was a host of specific types of luck and they each applied only to their
own realm.  One was "lucky in love" or had "luck in business" and no one mentioned if that every transferred to other parts of that person's life.  That's why it's so hard to find old spells that bestow a general air of good fortune; that isn't how folks thought about it, so it isn't what they wanted.

So when you get down to the real basics, what is it that you want?  What does good luck look like to you?  The need for a dose of good fortune takes on one of two appearances--either you need to undo a history of bad things happening in your life or you have important things in the future that you want to secure in the best possible way.  So which is it?  Are you looking backward or forward?  There's no right or wrong here, only focus.

Once you know your mindset and your desires, you're ready to do the most important part of becoming lucky--removing everything else.  All too often I've had clients lament how hard they've tried to make good things come to them, but never once think of all the bad that must be washed away first.  Think of your life as a pond.  The water in it has grown stagnant and sour, full of muck and grime that only brings down everything around it.  It can't sustain life or give beauty, so you want to fix it.  You get the biggest buckets you can find and start dumping fresh water into the pond, but it's not helping--the water's just as green as ever.  It might actually be stirring up sediment from the bottom and making an even greater mess.  What to do?

You have to create channels and move that water!  Don't add anything just yet.  You need to start with what you have now and clear out the garbage.  Open up and let all the bad stuff fall away.  That's your first job.

This is where I always tell people that cleansing is the best way to start anything new, especially where luck is concerned.  Cleanse like mad!  Cleanse everything--your house, your workplace, your car, your family members, your body.  Wash down your walls, smudge and fume with incense, sprinkle with magical waters, burn dressed and dusted candles, drum, ring bells, make sigils, chant...do it all!  It will only help!

Once you've done all the cleansing you can, it's also important to get--and stay--in an open frame of mind.  Forget all the bad stuff of the past; you're forging a new future and it starts today.  You must be ready to spot the positive changes your work is creating or you risk losing all.  Doing this can be a difficult step but, happily, it requires no components and no real actions.  As George says in The Yellow Submarine: "It's all in the mind."

Now, at long last, we're ready for some spells!

Some quickie magic to make you lucky in a hurry:

  • Watch for "found objects": pennies, pins, horseshoes, keys, plus the traditional four-leaf clover.
  • Say the Romany chant "Trinka Five, Trinka Five, Money magic come live!' to bring prosperity and money luck.
  • Be certain that the first word you utter on the first day of the month is "Rabbits" and your luck will be assured.
  • Spying a bat in flight is extremely lucky, as is a cricket in your house.  Treat both kindly and allow them to stay (or return) outdoors where they're happiest. 
  • Keep an image of a pig in your home or speak the German pig-luck invoking phrase "Schwein Gehabt" to invite good fortune and plenty.
  • Wear talismanic jewelry with scarab beetles
  • Before embarking on a special event, make the hand sign of "Mano Fico".

As you can imagine, there's also a good many plants who by their own presence avail the gift of good luck.  Here are some of the easiest to obtain:

  • Clover--we all know about the four-leaf clover, but the whole plant (no matter its number of leaves) brings luck and money to your home!
  • Ginger--this is the go-to herb when you need a catalyst, strengthener, and adrenaline rush for spells!  For those times when it feels like good things will never come, add some ginger to all your spells as well as to your bath, tea, and cooking.  Get yourself out of a rut and ready to welcome in new opportunity and happiness with a quickness!
  • Cloves--makes you lucky in games of chance, especially, but also money and friendships.
  • Allspice--carry 7 berries in your pocket or string them on a thread to wear around your neck.  Money luck and general good fortune await you for the next 7 days!
  • Chamomile--a hand wash of this herb gives you gambling luck, but you can also use it for any kind of good fortune in which you use your hands.
  • Juniper--makes you successful in whatever you choose to do. 
  • 5 Finger Grass/Cinquefoil--a favorite of mine, it's said to bring you "anything five fingers could want."  That's quite a lot, no?
  • Alfalfa--boost any other luck magic with a dose of this herb, or keep some under your front doormat to draw in a slow, steady flow of money.

Now is the time to take a moment and think about what it is you really want.  Write it down.  Get everything perfectly clear.  Now force out everything that says "no" in your head.  After that, use what you've just read above and good fortune is assured.  It's just that easy!

Good luck to you!


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