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Now that Spring is on its way again, I'd like to take the time to talk about one of my favorite magical herbs, Coltsfoot.

If you're out walking, this will liekly be the first bit of color you see once the snows melt.  Its name refers to the distinctive horse-print shape of the leaves.

One of my favorite folk names of Coltsfoot is the evocative "The Son Before the Father," which notes its peculiar habit of sprouting thin spires of small orange flowers from the bare ground and then dying away before the leaves sprout.  A strange sight in the gray early spring woods, to be sure!

In magic, the leaves are the part most used and any formula requiring it is speaking about this part of the plant.  It's an excellent additive to love spells as well as those for money and peace.

My favorite use of Coltsfoot is one that I don't mention in the shop due to concerns over selling smokables on site, but it is a traditional and useful bit of magic.  By either smoking the herb in a hand-rolled cigarette or fumigating it in a censer and inhaling the smoke just before going to bed, one can induce wildly vivid dreams.  This is a handy trick if you're attempting astral travel, lucid dreaming, or just want to have some nighttime fun.  There are a great many spells designed to bring up specific dreams (or try this formula I shared last year) and combining them is a great way to expand your abilities.  


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