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This is one of my favorite charms because it has such a boom to it that you can easily work up energy to put behind it.  This charm comes from the classic "The Magic of Chant-o-Matics" by Raymond Buckland and is one of those he gives "to bring pressure to bear on another."  The language used may seem a little obscure to us today, but the effects are clear: exerting your influence on another person.

Influencing others is a staple of magic.  Even if it's in a totally benign way, we still use our powers to change people's thoughts and actions.  Charms are a nice shortcut to this process, especially when the situation is really not big enough to necessitate a full spell.  Try this the next time you want to make your will known to those around you in a big way.  I can attest to its efficacy!

To Bring Pressure to Bear on Another
Raymond Buckland

Doon venna leebo


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