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Magical Names

This link references Pagan names but I changed it here because I feel that the topic goes far beyond spirituality.  It also specifies baby naming but we know that a change in title can happen at any time in life far beyond birth.  It is that "beyond" that I hope will inspire some interesting conversations among you.

The magic in one's name is a subject that deserves discussion.  It is common magical theory that to know the true name of something is to have power over it, hence many practices ranging from the old rule of not naming a child until it is a year old to our current use of secret names when among other practitioners.  Our innermost self is safe when we guard the key to it--our names.

Look up the meaning of your given name (there's no shortage of books of these lists) and see if it agrees with the person you wish to be.  If not, now would be a good time to take on another name even if you already have a magical one for ritual use.  Note, too, that your magical name should agree with your current best self and aspirations.  It is not enough to hold onto a name from your teen years merely out of tradition.  If your inner self has outgrown your moniker, find it a new one.


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