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Spoken Charms in Latin

As you may have noticed from previous posts, I love the Latin language.  Not only is it a beautiful, expressive tongue steeped in history, poetry, and romance, but it's also the main language of magic.

Countless spells feature Latin either spoken or written because of the time period from which they were derived and because of it's connections to the root of all communication.  Grimiores were written in it.  Talismans bear Latin instriptions.  To read and speak it is a potent way to access the power stored within.

While I could spend the rest of this post explaining pronunciation, it would be better for me to suggest you find one of the many web pages which describe Classical Latin pronunciation and use it as a guide.  Once you try Latin spells and see their worth, you will certainly want to be familiar with the basics so you can do even more spells with it!


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