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This week's offering comes from a wonderful little book I joyfully discovered in a junk shop some 14 years ago called "Metaphysical Meditations" by Paramahansa Yogananda.  It contains brief yet hauntingly beautiful invocations to self and spirit which can be used in a variety of ways to bring higher realization. Though not a charm, per se, each of these incantations do have elements of magic to them.  The following is one of my favorites.  It creates a deep sense of purpose and calm, bringing connection to the caster as well as the energy to make use of this potent state of mind.

Though you may choose any method you like to utilize this charm, I recommend sitting comfortably and repeating it softly aloud until a trance-like state is achieved.  Once this point is reached, stop the chant but remain in the posture for a few minutes.  This is the point of listening and all manner of information can be obtained this way.    

O blazing Light! 
Awaken my heart, awaken my soul, 
Ignite my darkness, tear the veil of silence, 
And fill my temple with Thy glory. 


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