Witch Tips--Shortcuts: Empowering Objects

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There is one simple method by which you can give strength to any magical object, no matter what its purpose--bury it in the ground.  Let it there for as long as you can up to one full moon cycle.  If it is made of a material that will be damaged by such a long period of time, just leave it there overnight.

To begin, give the object its initial charge.  Give the amount of energy and power that you are able from your visualization and projection; the Earth will do the rest.  Wrap the object in cloth or place inside a box if it's ornate, easily damaged by moisture, or very small.  Otherwise, you may place it directly into a hole you have dug for this purpose.  Give the object one final charge, noting specifically its function.  Cover the object with the dirt you removed while requesting that the earth give power to your work and turn this simple object into a great talisman (or whatever it may be) of uncanny magical strength.  Remember to be humble; this is a request, not a command.

When it is completely covered, mark the place with something you will remember, like a colored stone, a stick stuck upright, or just note the number of paces from another landmark (3 paces West of the maple tree, for example).  Return home and write in your almanac that place marker on the day you are to retrieve your object.  Try not to think about it until that day comes.  Then you may unearth your talisman and receive the strength and nobility of the earth itself.


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