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Mana Energy Drinks

Sometimes video game concepts of magic and real magic overlap in interesting ways.  Actual histories, mythologies, deities, occult concepts and items often figure into the fantasy world of RPGs.  When these concepts come out of the game and back into the real world that birthed them--generally in the form of art, novels, toys, and products--there can be a much wider audience than just gamers.

Case in point, I saw these energy drinks in the form of little potion bottles and knew that magical folk would love them as much as WoWers.  Though they're targeted towards gamers playing long into the night, I can imagine how inspiring it would be to keep a couple in my purse (alongside my ever-present travel book of incantations and a few vials of magic powders) or pass them out at midnight gatherings.  You'll be happy to note that they're caffeine free, sugar free, and full of vitamins so you won't be endangering yourself just for a few extra hours of study and spellcasting.


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