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As you know, I've been working on a manuscript about fame in the magical community.  I have profiled the lives of the legendary occultists whom we all know, but I also want to hear from people on their way up.  Do you consider yourself magically ambitious?  Do you have talents that many other practitioners would be interested in?  Have you done something large scale such as hosting a festival, leading workshops/classes, or running your own store?  Do you dream of doing any of these things?  Then I need to hear from you!

You can comment here, on Quill's Occult Supply FB page, or at QuillAndInk@ymail.com

Any additions to the book will be directly credited to you and your credentials listed with your name (such as your tradition/system, coven, etc. and the town you live in).

Here are my sample questions I would like answered:

1)What do you think of famous magic users?  Is it a good or bad thing to be a celebrity witch?

2) What could you do to become famous?  Would you?

3) Whom do you look up to in the magical community?


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