Quick Link Monday: 25 Most Influential Practitioners-US and Europe

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25 Most Influential People in the Birth of Modern Paganism (American Wing)

25 Most Influential People in the Birth of Modern Paganism (European Wing)

In researching magic users of note for a writing project I'm currently engrossed in, I discovered these excellent lists.  They are certainly food for thought.  Even if you do not practice any form of spirituality with your magic (and I am a big advocate of keeping the two quite separate on most occasions), you will certainly have felt the hand of these individuals, be it in the book market, the festival circuit, or on the streets.  These are the visionaries who saw through the haze of how things were to how they ought to be.

Read, ponder, and share, if you like.  What would be your list?  Do you have plans to ever see your name upon it?


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