Organizing Your Life by the Planets

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The days of the week are named in remembrance of Teutonic Gods and Goddesses and their attendant heavenly bodies.  We've heard that plenty of times already.  Some of us actively use this information to guide our magic, but most of the time we are taught to be driven by a larger wheel--the phases of the moon.  Maybe the days of the week just seems to simplistic a system, or perhaps it's just that planetary days are linked with planetary hours, another plotting method that has fallen out of popular discussion mainly due to the complexity of it.

However, the days of the week are not complex at all.  It's a bit of information we wake up every morning having at hand.  It's simple and easy to access for a host of uses, both magical and mundane.  Each day has its own influences, based on the deity and the planet, and its own strengths, weaknesses, and highest use.  That's what we'll be talking about today.
Despite my usual insistence on keeping the magical world and regular world separate in writing (just watch me lose my mind over witchcraft books that give both medicinal and spellcasting uses of herbs!), this time I thought I'd like to put the two side by side.  Why? Because, in this instance, they inform one another, because we're talking about the rulerships of the planets and how it affects both sides of our lives.  

Having an organized mundane life is something essential and yet so often overlooked. Keeping your world in a regulated state means that you will have more time and energy to devote to your magical work.  A clean environment, an orderly home, a workspace devoted to your art--these are helpful things to cultivate for maintaining an environment free of the energetic clutter that can easily distract you from your potential.  Think about coming home from work, opening the door, and switching on the light to reveal a turbulent mess in your house. You sigh, you wilt, and suddenly, whatever energy you had has totally evaporated. Now imagine you do the same thing, but instead of a disaster, you see only a neat and organized space ready for anything you may wish to accomplish there, even if it's only to curl up in your favorite cozy chair and read a book.  Your emotions, energy levels, and will power have completely changed based on something so small.

Having an organized magical life is a lot the same: you stay on track for accomplishing your goals and you make progress faster and with less effort.  Plus, you feel better because
you're able to make immediate plans to deal with problems as they crop up as well as make the best possible use of planetary correspondences as they occur.  Ever have a big spell planned but realize you just missed the full moon because you were dealing with some unimportant task?  Yep, me too, and it's horribly frustrating.

So on we go to putting things to rights using the planets.  You may wish to create your own list based on what I have here, or use this simply to see how it lines up with your days. Either way, whether you follow the planets as a rule or as an experiment, using such a format for organization will not only help you keep better track of your tasks but also help you achieve a closer connection to the natural world as it progresses throughout the year.

Sunday--the Sun

  • Magical uses: Keep the illumination of the sun in your week by starting strong and looking at the big picture.  Work magic as a good deed, to improve the state your magical--or mundane--community, put efforts toward your life pursuits.
  • Mundane uses: Air out your home, do things that increase the worth of your good name.

Monday--the Moon

  • Magical uses: The moon is a softer leader than the sun.  She is yielding and gentle, but no less powerful.  Do things with an eye toward cooperation and understanding. Work magic for wisdom, dreaming, travel, peace, and dealing with emotions.
  • Mundane uses: Mondays are good for improving your relationships.  Make today a day for calm time without a to-do list.  Spend time with those you love and care about; let things happen organically.  If you're feeling ambitious, do the laundry, mopping, or other watery work.  Add magical tinctures and herbs to the water to increase specific blessings in your home.


  • Magical uses: Use the strength of Mars to take charge and forge ahead with difficult situations.  Make magic regarding courage, passion, daring, shielding, power, and strength of all kinds.
  • Mundane uses: Check the safety of your home; note the sturdiness of your locks, doors, and windows as well as what repairs will soon be required.   Vacuum and dust your home to knock out all that is standing still; Mars wants action!  Make exercise a priority, especially if you find this challenging.  This planet asks us to do the hard things so that we may become greater than ever before--get out there are take up the challenge!  


  • Magical uses: Mercury is changeable, flexible, and fluid.  Don't let anything make you rigid or stubborn today.  Work for change, excitement, communication, travel, cunning, and the arts.
  • Mundane uses: Your creative day--work on a project that is personally important to you.  Plan trips and anything that makes you look to the future with hope and anticipation.  Also, take care of your most valuable methods of transportation: clean out your car and check its fluids; check bike tire pressure and brakes; clean your shoes.


  • Magical uses: The major players in your life come to the forefront midweek--your money, your wellness, your happiness.  Take care of these things and guide them with magic for abundance, health, and prosperity.
  • Mundane uses: Jupiter is a bit serious here, but it's for good cause.  If you want prosperity, you first have to manage what you have and then set some plans for where you want to take it. Deal with your finances: balance your checkbook, file paperwork, set a budget, look at savings and investments.  


  • Magical uses: Venus loves love!  Work for your relationships, romance, fertility, beauty, and the bonds you have with others.
  • Mundane uses: Dress up on Friday and make an occasion of it.  Decorate yourself, whether or not you are looking for love.  Do it for yourself and for the fun of feeling good about your appearance.  Make your home pretty, too.  Polish furniture, silver, and brass.  Burn incense or oils, light some candles, have a nice dinner.


  • Magical uses: Saturn like the calm of an orderly life.  Work magic for protection and banishing.  Do your house cleanings on Saturday for the best effects.
  • Mundane uses: Tidy your house or do the major cleaning from roof to floor, at your discretion.  If you have weekend plans, just deal with the clutter spots in your house. Clean the bathrooms to a shine.

You may wish to use these suggestions as a weekly to-do list or as a reminder to always be looking after the various parts of your life and physical surroundings.  In a way, the two sides of your life are not found in separate slots, but are interconnected, intertwined. Arrange your magical tasks and your mundane tasks to work with the ebb and flow of the world around you and you are more likely to accomplish them in good time, good spirits, and to good effect. 

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