That Big Bright Thing in the Sky is Back!

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This is so my new ritual garb.
As a woman in a cat leotard famously sang, "Look, a new day has begun!"  And it sure has.  But I haven't gone to bed yet; I've been up all night working for my shop, blog, and making homemade tortillas for sandwich wraps in 3 packed lunches.  I'm not very sharp in the morning unless it's technically the end of my day.  And for the past two school-years I've worked it out that I stay up all night and sleep once our kids go off to school.  I'm simply too much of a night-owl to stop what I'm doing at a respectable 10 pm.

In fact, when the sun goes down, I come up, even if it means I sleep fewer daytime hours than I would have gotten at night.  Unfortunately, last night was absorbed for the most part by figuring out this blog business (fie on you, technology!), but now that it's done, I have new plans to set before I lay down my head around 9 am.

This all may sound a little unconventional (and it is), but being unconventional is pretty much what a witch does.  I have seen so many people eagerly blurt out "We're just like you!" in interviews, books, and on the street as though there were something for which they must apologize.  But there just isn't.  You and I don't owe the "regular folk" anything any more than they owe us.  You don't owe them an excuse, and explanation, or even a second glance.  So long as it's working for you, it's no one's business.

So I stay up all night writing, drawing, and working magic.  My husband is an inventor and mad genius.  Our kids pretend like they're robots and cats (or, sometimes, robot cats!) constantly and for no reason.  We are an openly Pagan family, living next door to a church.  And we don't owe anyone a reason why.


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