Nothing Good is Ever Easy

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That's what they say, of course.  I say it too.  But do I mean it?  Wouldn't it be the perfect omen of a good thing if it came without effort, without tears?  Well, the old saying happens to be true for this blog and also for many of the other things I have brought into the world. (children included!)  I won't, however, use a tired expression and call it a "labor of love."  No, it was a labor of determination.  There was no way in hell that _________ (fill in the blank with whatever happens to be trying my patience at the time) was going to best me today!  Sometimes a dose of irrational stubbornness/stubborn irrationality is just what you need.

So here we are, together at last.  Welcome to this nest for the many bits of magic that no longer fit in my head, the ideas I'd like to share, the photos and the formulas, and--yes--scraps of Latin that you need to hear.  I am a huge fan of Latin, which is, at the moment, becoming my third language.  "Ex Penna" means "from the quill," a little nod to the Latin tradition of puns.  "Penna" is also the old abbreviation for my home (and current) state, Pennsylvania, for those of you who like to weave webs of association.

I am a witch in the grand tradition of spellcasters, curse throwers, card readers, magic sellers, and healers. I'm an entrepreneur, teacher, coven leader, writer, mother, wife, and homemaker.  In here you'll find herbs, talismans, spells, formulas, advice, secrets, thoughts about the past and questions for the future.  Ask me anything and I will tell you.  "Cross my palm with silver," as they say, and the magic is yours.


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My name is Quill and I've been practicing witchcraft for the past 17 years. 10 of those years I've been reading tarot and teaching.  I own a shop on Etsy called Quill's Occult Supply (check it out at full of handmade ritual and decorative items, spell components, and wild picked herbs.

I love to work with my hands.  Magic is a tool to shape our lives, and I'm using magic to shape tools to shape magic.  Cosmic! 

I use a lot of my favorite things in my shop: herbs, candles, wood, fabric, paint, clay.  And I get to carve, burn, grind, mold, think, dream ... I'm in the perfect business!

I've written 3 manuscripts for publication (2 non-fiction and 1 fiction) and am an avid NaNo-er!  I and my husband run a local coven called Orbis Prosapia, and our children are growing up surrounded by magic, mythology, fairy tales, Earth worship, art, open discussion, music, and humor. 

In addition to working on Ex Penna about my experiences as a professional witch, I also write for Scenes from the Circle about being a coven leader. 

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