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Continuing in the vein of my adoration for Hoodoo is this week's offering: Hot Foot powder.  If you've never heard if it before, sit yourself down and get ready.  If you have, well, watch where you walk.

Do you have shitty neighbors?  Hot Foot them. 

Does your co-worker annoy you, sabotage you, or get in your way?  Hot foot them. 

Is that ex-friend still hanging around talking smack about you to others?  Hot Foot them. 

The swifter you clear out what threatens to derail your success, the easier it is to achieve it.

Now before you go at me with a wagging finger and disapproving glare for giving unwelcome people the boot, consider how affecting they can be.  Consider the stress they cause, the ensuing arguments, misunderstandings, and undue tension just from their presence.  You're not killing anybody, merely relocating them.  That can actually be a good thing, if they choose to see it that way.

But that's not your problem.  They are your problem and the solution is to make them disappear.  So here we go.

This is another formula without exact measurements and ingredients, but there are a few herbs that must be present in the basic recipe: hot pepper, sulphur, and salt.  Everything else--including the amounts--is a matter of individual tradition and taste.  I've seen others use High John root, Black Mustard, gunpowder (to make it work even faster), wasps' nests (to make it meaner), and the toxic Bluestone.  Here is the one I use:

Hot Foot Powder

2 pt. Cayenne pepper
2 pt. Black pepper
1 pt. Sulphur
1 pt. Sea salt
  1 pt. Asafetida

Grind all these together while focusing on people in its presence leaving, running, dashing away from you.  They are helplessly swept away, carried away, driven to far places where you can't see or hear them.  Sprinkle this carefully on an enemy's door step or in their shoes so they "hot foot it" out of your life.  Use with care.

Now go get 'em!


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