Witch Tip: Charm--To Banish Mists

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As you well know I am enamored with spoken charms and this is one of my very favorites.

To find power in a spell, first there must be beauty.  To find beauty, you need only be struck by the subject's uniqueness, its ability to radiate a deep well of self-awareness, shining like the refraction of moonlight on the walls of a watery cave.  That sparkle is beauty and the inspiration that stems from its power.

This charm, originating in the Finnish epic Kalevala, has an incredible amount of just such glow.  Though simple in language and lacking in direct imagery, it is a joy to speak, to feel on the lips, to read, to share.  How could such excitement fail to spread when it is used magically?  Remember this the next time you're driving a foggy road or, perhaps, beset with a more creative, metaphorical fog of mind or spirit.

Remember and recite.

To Banish Mists

With his sword he clove the water,
In the lake his sword plunged deeply,

Mead along his blade was flowing,
Honey from his sword as dropping,

Then the fog to heaven ascended,
And the cloud in air rose upward,

From the lake the mist ascended,
And the vapour from the lake-waves,

And the lake extended widely,
Wider spread the whole horizon.


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