Witch Tip--Unpleasant Truths: Books Don't Have to Protect Your From Yourself

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This is something that I simply cannot say enough about: the magical disclaimer.

Now, I understand the thought process behind the standards in this category, such as the psychic hotline's "For entertainment purposes only" and the herbalist's "This information is not meant as a substitute for professional medical treatment."  The law is not written for casters but for the public safety from injury and scams.  So, I got that.  No contest, that kind of thing should be part of our common compliance.

But then there are authors who take it upon themselves to shield their readership from all possible damage, even if only their own stupidity.  "Be sure you are holding the candle securely so you don't get burned by the melting wax."  Well, duh.  If I'm not competent enough to keep hot wax from pouring all over myself from one little candle then I probably shouldn't be dabbling with the framework of reality, should I?  Or, for that matter, opening a book upon which I could get a paper cut.  Can I even read the words you've written? 

Perhaps tidbits like these are just little fillers.  Maybe the author was trying to stretch out his/her sentences so that they felt more dynamic than the short, bland phrases they are without any fluff attached.  If so, they should learn better technique, not just stuff packing peanuts around the core of their information.  We can handle it uncut!

Then there's the authors who want to make sure we don't do bad things with the grand witchcraft to which--they reassure us--they are privy.  I've read more than one author who went on at length about all the black magic they knew, but were determined not to share for fear of the awful results upon our innocent little karma and auras and...other mystical stuff...hell, I'm bored just typing it!  Either bring everything you've got to the page or don't.  I don't want your hints and suggestions at what you aren't writing!  (I feel that I'm in the majority on this one unless, of course, you're one of those awful readers who give one-star reviews to witchcraft books that don't "follow the Rede."  For the love of Benji, people, stop doing that!)

So, here's the deal: I'm in the process of trying to get myself in print.  It's a loooong process, even just for e-books but much, much more so if I will manage to get signed by a publisher, so don't get all in a tizzy just yet.  But I promise you that when I do, and you get your hands on a fresh copy of my book, you will see exactly ZERO condemnations of how you choose to use the information inside.  I'm not going to tell you that stove tops are hot or that knives are sharp or any of that.  You're on your own, kids!  I trust you.

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