Witch Tip--Shortcut: Quickie Spell Candles (With Photos!)

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I seem to be the only witch who isn't amazed by the idea of using birthday candles for spells.  There are tons of reasons why it's dumb, but here's just a few:

  1. First, it's unlikely that you have only two minutes in which to cast a spell and this is what you chose.  You must realize that there is a big wide world of magic at your disposal and many varieties of spellcasting are quicker than candle spells.  Next time, think about spoken charms, formulas, knots, sigils, or even the use of thoughtforms and golems.  You can do better!
  2. Birthday candles don't come in many colors, and what you can find are either pastel, covered in glitter, or decorated with other colors in grooves or stripes.  You need a gray candle?  A brown one?  Good luck.
  3. You can't use them for some of the most interesting and powerful methods of candle spells, namely inscribing and loading.  I guess you can dress and dust them, but you'll spend twice as long doing so as it takes for the candle to burn.
  4. Unless you're sticking that thing in a cake, get ready to have a hard time making it stand upright the whole time.
  5. If you've tried to get around any of these problems just so you can keep saying that they're a workable substitute, you're trying too hard. 

So, now that I've got that off my chest, here's a better way.  If you simply must have candles for your spell, plan ahead and make tea light spell candles.

They are small, portable, fast burning, inscribable, stand securely on their own, and you can easily make them any color you want.  Here's how:

  • Pop out the candle from its tin

  • Remove the wick and set aside

  • Fill a frying pan with 1/2 inch of water and heat on medium-low on the stove top
  • Put the empty tins in the pan.  They should float on the water at this point.

  • Dye your candles to match your intention: Sprinkle shavings from crayons in each tin (or, if you're a pro like me, just add liquid candle dye)

  • Add a few drops of condition oils and/or powders or finely ground herbs to match your intention
  • Drop into each tin the chunk of white wax
  • Allow the warm water to slowly melt the wax (without boiling! It's too messy and can flip over your tins)

  • Once all the wax is melted, and the color is to your liking, remove from the heat and let cool
  • Before the candles solidify, put the wicks back in the center of each one.

  • Sprinkle each candle with powders or ground herbs.  Make sure that the surface is cooled and solid or everything you add will just sink to the bottom.  I like to include some glitter, too!

  • Now you're ready to cast a quickie spell any time, anywhere in style and with results as strong as a full-sized candle!

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