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I've been thinking long and hard lately about many topics that are well worth discussing in print, but have since come to no conclusion how I should go about it.  Too much to say for an article, too little for a full-size manuscript.  What to do?

A free e-book, of course!

I have plans for a series of such little books, each one crammed with information that you need and want, but which is rarely discussed in the magical community.  And because these books are designed to be brief, you can print them out and take them anywhere without spending a fortune on ink and paper!  I'll be giving out copies for subscriptions to this blog (plus shares, reblogs, links, likes, and all that stuff) so that we can stay in touch long after you're done reading it.

The first e-book will be called The Everyday Classical Charm Sampler: New Spells in an Ancient Tongue, a selection of original spoken-magic written in Classical Latin!  And for those of who who don't study language--fear not!--each charm has a clear, phonetic pronunciation key.  They're each brief and arranged in groups with bold titles so you can start using these spells immediately and reference them again quickly.

I have many more tricks up my sleeve, but that is all I'm sharing for now.  (cue the sad face!)  If you have a topic that you'd like to see me add to the collection, let me know! 


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I love to work with my hands.  Magic is a tool to shape our lives, and I'm using magic to shape tools to shape magic.  Cosmic! 

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In addition to working on Ex Penna about my experiences as a professional witch, I also write for Scenes from the Circle about being a coven leader. 

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