Witch Tip: Shortcut--Get a Familiar!

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Having a familiar is similar to finding True Love: everyone assumes that there will only ever be one.  But that all depends on you.

Any animal that you have a strong affinity with can be useful in the role of familiar. They don't have to be perfect.  Love is the same way.  If you wait for absolute connection--like some missing twin--you'll overlook many, many smaller (but real) opportunities for happiness. 

So let's say that you already have an animal that might fit the bill.  This could be a pet in your home, a stray that stops by your door, or a wild animal that returns again and again to your home or work.  Feel like there's a draw between you?  Have they shown interest in you and your well being?  Are you compelled to talk to them, either out loud or through thoughts?  Can you recognize their responses through thoughts or body language?  Then you have everything you need to work with them as a familiar.

When you've gotten this far, you have an ally that can assist you in any kind of magic you desire.  Think of them like a mortal Fetch; they can act as the driving force in bringing your desires to you.  Because they exist on a physical level, they require only small physical gifts instead of the larger energetic investment of thoughtforms. 

Working with familiars becomes a shortcut when you realize that you can step outside your door, have a chat with the bird that frequents your backyard feeder, and watch them fly away to stand guard over your nephew in the hospital or look for your next girlfriend or soften your boss for when you come in late to work today.   It only takes a moment, and then another to reward your familiar once you have what you want.  What could be simpler? 

As an important note, if you routinely give your familiar something they really want, you'll get a better response.  Fresh water and appropriate foods in a secure place for outside animals, treats and toys for indoor ones.  Remember, too, that loving emotions and any possible physical affection are also great ways to communicate your appreciation.  Naturally, this should be dictated by the needs and personality of the animal, not your own convenience.   The simple maintenance of this relationship can become one of your most reliable (and fastest!) forms of spellcasting.


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