Witch Tips--Shortcut: The Glow

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There are a few pieces of magic that I do often that are so much a part of my daily round that I nearly forget about them.  The Glow is one of them.

You probably already know this one but might call it something else.  There's many uses for it and whether you've done it before or no, it should definitely be in your repertoire.  It's a bit of glamour that causes you to get noticed in whatever way you desire.  It's a handy way to get help when you need it (like when your car breaks down) or to get found when you're separated from your group in a crowd.  Even if just used for fun, the Glow causes other people seek you out, pad your ego, and strike up conversations when you're lonely.

Using the Glow

Close your eyes and envision yourself in your current state.  From the center of your body, feel a warmth beginning to grow.  See this warmth as a soft orange color.  It spreads through your body like liquid, then extends past your form until you radiate light and heat like a miniature sun.  At this point you can infuse this light with the kind of response you want to get from others (like sexual attractiveness, leadership, or intelligence).

Let your light shine brighter and brighter until it encompasses a large area around you and all the people inside that radius.  When you have hit the peak, let this brilliance collapse, turning that outward flow around and rapidly drawing everything to you, like a black hole or water running down a drain.  Be inescapable!

Use this technique to bring an awareness of you as a highly magnetic individual in the people around you.


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