Witch Tip--Formula: Lust Honey

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This formula couldn't be easier or its application more fun!

Lust Honey does just as you would suppose: it increases desire and sexual awareness.  It's a great boost to other kinds of magic, as well, so give it a shot when you want someone on your side no matter what you ask.

You can use Lust Honey on yourself or another person, as you choose.  On yourself, it's a good formula for those times when your relationship is in the doldrums or you yourself just aren't feeling like the fiery sex idol you might be.  A quick spoon of Lust Honey will perk you right up!

On another person, you'll have to be a bit more sly.  I recommend adding it to baked goods or poured on top of fruits or other sweets.  It's suggested that it be stirred into tea but as I like to leave the herbs right in the honey, that will look a little suspicious to your target.  Any way you choose to administer your honey, it will inspire their interest and attraction to you as well as increasing their libido in general.

Lust Honey

1 C light honey
2 TBSP Damiana 

Warm the honey slowly and then add the herb.  Stir to incorporate and then pour into a lidded container for storage.  Eat or give to another by the measure of one tablespoon.


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