Witch Tips--Unpleasant Truths: Wasting Time

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I have been in groups, attended meetings, sat in ritual with other covens, and joined the conversation online and off and you know what I've discovered?  Most of the chatter is useless.  The biggest culprits--being offended and talking about what we're not.

It's good fun to discuss the many ways that we buck trends and follow our own directives (and I do it occasionally myself) but to make this the mainstay of what you talk about when you're with other practitioners is a complete waste of time.  You have, in theory, an interesting, intense, deep, and meaningful conversation just waiting to be opened and explored with a person right in front of you who will understand what you mean.  And that person has the potential to share knowledge with you that will be an incredible revelation to you, something you will ponder for years to come or immediately work into your practice.  They might become a teacher or a student. The topics you discuss could lead to a new venture, a new group, a fresh way of thinking.

So don't you dare start talking about how the Christians stole our holidays.

Or how you yelled at a bunch of pacifist Jehovah's Witnesses last weekend.

Or contradictions in the Bible that could possibly refute the whole system.

That's not important, it's not interesting, and the whole concept of it has been played to death in nearly every corner of the magical community.  You're not defined by the list of things you're offended by.  Your practice is about what you do, not what you avoid.

If you're at a party, meeting, or event centered around magic, talk magic.  Talk about books you're reading, your field(s) of expertise, stories of magical successes and failures, trials you faced in finding your place in the community, important people you've met, places you've visited, your favorite events, plans for the future...the list is of topics that can lead to real insight is nearly endless.  Ask tons of questions, get opinions, get references, get email addresses and phone numbers for more discussion later.

You're a skilled and driven practitioner of occult arts--don't limit yourself to idle chatter.


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