Witch Tips--Shortcut: My Favorite Commanding Spell

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Last week we talked about Licorice root and its powers of persuasion, and I promised to share with you a spell that uses it to impressive effect.  I think you'll be pleased with the pay-off of your patience.

What follows is my go-to spell for all those times when I need to change someone's mind, make them do things my way, give a gentle nudge in the right direction, or outright control their behavior.  Of all the formulas, spells, poppet rituals, and spoken charms I have to make these things happen, I use this little spell twice as much.  It's my own work so although I can't make you credit me (or can I?), it would be nice if you gave a nod to the source when sharing this spell or copying it to your BoS.

Simple Commanding Spell

Cut a piece of jute twine the length of your hand, measured from the heel of your palm to the tip of your longest finger.  Take this and a spoonful of Licorice root to a place where you feel strongly connected to the person you wish to influence.  When in doubt, stand outside your front door.

Take a moment to focus on the situation and your goals.  Pop the Licorice in your mouth and chew it well until it is completely broken down.  The sweetness of the root will make your mouth water--that's okay.  Don't swallow.

Now put the jute in your mouth with the Licorice and chew them together.  This works the root and its juices into the fibers of the cord, permeating it completely.  You might like to visualize your will permeating that of the target, making them malleable and soft as the root.

This bit is a little messy.  Pull the jute from your mouth and spit out the Licorice on the ground.  Straighten the cord so it's ready for knotting.  

Now think intently of what you want this person to do.  Make at one end of the cord the start of a knot while speaking over it a straightforward statement--in present tense--as though stating a fact about this person's required behavior.  Pull it tight to seal your words.   Repeat this two more times (making 3 total evenly-spaced knots) with either a single statement or 3 different but related statements for each knot.

For example, I wanted the boyfriend of a friend of mine to treat her better, so I did this spell using his name and making affirmations with the 3 knots, as: 

1.  "N.N. thinks loving thoughts about his girlfriend, N.N."
2.  "N.N. makes loving gestures towards his girlfriend, N.N."
3.  "N.N. says loving things to his girlfriend, N.N."

When you're done making the knots, ground the remaining energy that you didn't use and walk away.  You can either keep the cord or hide it somewhere that the target will come into contact with it.  

In the above example, I gave my friend the cord to put under his side of the mattress.  The next day, for no reason, he brought her flowers.  After that came a string of romantic overtures and public displays of affection such as I had never seen from him in the years we'd known each other.  As you can imagine, she was overjoyed!

So there's my favorite commanding spell.  Whatever you choose to do with it and upon whomever you choose to impart your influence, I hope you are overjoyed, too!  


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